Monday, July 13, 2015

Secret Agent Man

I've had two prior run-ins with the secret service before today but never have I had them right outside my front door. News SUV and news SUV have goon driving by after being cleared by the secret service man who evidently gets a gray suit during summer. In about half an hour, former first lady, former United States Senator and former Secretary of State will be escorted by on her way to a private meeting with some of my neighbors. Being registered a republican, I'm guessing I am not on the invite list even though I voted for her husband not once, but twice.

My first run-in with the secret service occurred during college when I was making my way towards the student union to grab a bite to eat and hit the books for awhile in-between classes. I was walking head down lost in thought when I saw a pair of shiny expensive shoes standing in front of me and a voice asking if they could help me. I noticed that he was dressed in a black suit with opaque sunglasses but still it didn't hit me as I told him my plans. He simply replied, "No you're not" and left it at that. About that time, I noticed some guys with machine guns scattered discretely around the area and remembered that President Clinton was visiting campus that day. I made other plans.

My second time was more intentional. At that time, I was living at my previous home and for some reason, it was a magnet for presidential candidates running for office. I went and saw several of them speak including the current occupant who at that time was running for president the first time and had recently made news for having secrete service protection even before he got elected. The agents walked in front of the current occupant as he made his way down the roped off path shaking hands, including that of my own but not before the agent thoroughly looked me over to see if I posed a threat.

I thought two times was probably my limit but recently I got to meet them for my third time as Hillary Clinton came to visit my neighbors four houses down. I'm friendly with those neighbors but haven't really spent a lot of time with them. I think she is a retired school teacher and he is a lawyer here in town in the same law firm with whom I compete with one of his partners in a biannual charity trivia event. I got a typed up letter in the mail just the evening before she arrived from those neighbors stating what is up and apologizing for any interruptions in my life. Since the road block is beyond my driveway, it really hasn't been for an inconvenience though I think I will probably skip my walk up the cul-de-sac until afterwards. I have a feeling I wouldn't get very far.


kymber said...

hey Ed - i finally did a post about your beautiful pen! i love it! and it will be used to take all of my future garden notes. thank you so much for such a beautiful, hand-made treat!

your friend,

Bone said...

That's good stuff, Ed. If I'd 'a known ahead of time, I would have asked you to stroll up the street and see if you could get an autographed picture of Bill for me.

I kinda freaked out a few months ago when a Department of Homeland Security van was parked at a house across the street. Then it started being parked there most every day, so I figured either they were setting up surveillance on my compound or a Homeland Security employee lived there.

Ed said...

Kymber - You are welcome. I hope you enjoy it and I'll stop in over at your blog to read your review here shortly.

Bone - Bill didn't make the trip with her. I think she goes solo a lot these days. Word on the street, literally, is that she flew a helicopter from her previous engagement to our town and then was escorted the rest of the way. Not really wanting to stand at the window or sit outside just watching, I never saw her come or go. I have seen lots of personal cell phone pictures of her after the fact though.

sage said...

The price Iowa pays for being first... One day you can tell your grand kids about your run-ins with the elite.

Leigh said...

Wow, I don't think any presidential hopeful has every visited our state let alone our neighborhood. Of course, that's probably not true, but I'm rarely in the know anyway.

Vince said...

Oh dear blooming petunias, how downright tedious. And you have no citizen's power to require these pillocks to KPO.

Ed said...

Sage - I think about that burden quite a bit and it won't go away until after January next year when our caucus is over. After that it will be Iowa... where's that?

Vince - Not sure what KPO stands for but I'm sure my background was probably checked before they turned her loose in our neighborhood. They also had some guys wearing camouflage down in the woods closer to our neighbors house and they would have taken care of me had I been a problem. Fortunately most of my run ins with politicians has been totally voluntary on my part.

Vince said...

Kindly piss-off. A gentler variant of KFO.

She was at my Alma M when she was FL to Bill. And they closed the place down for quite some distance.