Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clouds, Rains and Bridges

It's been a wet year. It hasn't been the constant rains like what we saw in the spring and summer of 1993 when most of our state was under water. Instead it has just been frequent rains to keep everything soupy. I've got a pile of scraps from my gutted out office that I threw out on the downstairs patio thinking I would back our van down there to more easily load them to get rid of it and they are still sitting there three months later. At this rate, I may have to wait until the first hard freeze to get down there with the van.

All this rain has meant that we've had lots of clouds in the sky, particularly around sunset. I took this picture a month or so ago but just now cleaned out the memory chip on my camera and 'found' it again. I thought it worthy of posting on here. It also explains the picture below here in the City of Bridges. One of the main bridges in town was shut down for a summer of replacing the deck. The prior two summers the river had constantly been deep enough that you could walk clear across it and maybe splash your ankles only at the deepest part. The summer long project is now nearing it's second anniversary and the way things are going this year, it may see it's third anniversary. Earlier this spring they contractors doing the work were published in the local newspaper saying that they were certain to get work done this summer since nothing remaining depended on water levels. As the months wore on and no work was being done at all, they finally backtracked to say that they still had work to do on the under parts before replacing the deck and that they had hoped the water would go down enough for them to get that part finished. It hasn't and they were about lynched at the city council meeting. So for now, we remain a city of bridges, minus one.


Vince said...

You had it pretty bad in your old place too one year. 09 -10 I think it was. Anyway, it really is a misery when summer cheats and things become a permanent mid spring to mid autumn.

sage said...

That photo of the clouds is wonderful! "Stay dry!"

Ed said...

Vince - The last big flood year we had was 2008 and before that 1993. This year has been a bit different. We haven't gotten huge amounts of rain but they have been well spaced so that things never quite dry out.

Sage - It turned out well with no editing done to it. I've seen some more spectacular ones taken around here recently but none of mine have turned out nearly as well, including the one in this post which was the best of all I took.