Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Child Behavioral Modification Therapist... Again

Last week we started off the summer by sending my mother-in-law back overseas. Long time readers know that my mother-in-law retired several years ago and is attempting to become a United States Citizen but in order to do so, she has to spend the majority of five consecutive years here. Fortunately we have a walkout basement that I fixed up with her own little suite so we can get some separation when needed. It also helps to have someone else who can look after our daughters to allow me to get some bigger projects done around the house.

However she does have grandchildren back in the Philippines that need to see Grandma from time to time so she goes home to spend their summer break with them. This means I am back to being a stay at home dad or Child Behavioral Modification Therapist as I like to tell people when they ask. Nobody ever gets that joke until I let them in on my secret.

Our youngest is now approaching three years old with which comes a longer attention span so I am able to get larger and larger projects done without having to be with her constantly. It also helps that big sister is nine now and a big help with looking after her sister. I have tremendously enjoyed this extra time with my daughters that until a few years ago, I never could spend with them. I am able to play a board game with the oldest while the youngest is napping and I can play with the youngest while the oldest is doing her daily reading and piano lessons.

One drawback is that I don't get as much me time for the next couple months. I normally did my computer reading first thing in the morning before starting with my various projects. Now that I'm the one getting the girls going at the start of the day and trying to cram in smaller projects here and there, my computer stuff gets shoved to the late evening after they are in bed. As a result, I find that I'm too tired from time to time to check my blog list or even post something on my blog. Rest assured that I still care about your blog and this fall when my mother-in-law gets back in the States, I should be more active on here once again.


sage said...

Wow, I can't believe Little Abbey is nine (but then when did my daughter turn 17?). Enjoy your sermon.

Ed said...

Sage - I still think of both of them as babies too. I'm afraid by the time I get to thinking of them as young girls, they will be leaving for college!

Vince said...

It's only yesterday you were building a dolls house for her and it's not a wet week since the 2nd one arrived. Wow.