Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring of Past

I took these photos earlier this spring but never found a place for them in any of the posts that I had so I just stuck them in a post for later. That later is now. The above photo is of my serviceberry tree that I planted last fall and then after nearly loosing three of the other trees later that night to marauding deer, caged them and the serviceberry up with wire mesh fence for their protection. I don't know if the deer got full eating the other three fruit trees, simply missed this tree, or don't like serviceberry trees for their midnight snack. I don't think I will find out and will just leave it caged for a few more years until it is big enough to defend itself.

About the same time, the other trees were just starting to leaf out and spring storms were passing through. Because my house is surrounded by trees, it is about impossible to photograph these storms until they are right overhead or have passed us by and are heading east. Below is a storm as it passed overhead and headed east one evening.


sage said...

That last photo has a haunting feel to it.

Ed said...

Sage - With all the trees just starting to leaf out at the time, it certainly at a foreboding feel to it.