Friday, April 10, 2015


Spring is here though it really hasn't allowed me to photograph it. Since the blossoms and buds have appeared, we've pretty much had cloudy and rainy weather as witnessed in the above photograph. I don't mind since it was pretty dry here a few weeks ago and we need the moisture to get things going. Besides, we still have a week to go before crop insurance can be purchased and farmers start getting the crops put in the ground.

I love trees and one of my favorites is the Serviceberry tree. For a decade of my life, I rented apartments and had no land. For the second decade I owned a house and a quarter acre of land with two huge mature trees on it plus a few other smaller ornamental type trees so I had no room to plant any more trees. Finally three years ago, we bought this place on two acres and I finally have room to plant some trees so the first one I planted is the serviceberry seen above which is almost ready to blossom. I can't wait. I love spring flowering trees like redbuds, dogwoods and serviceberry and long term, I would like a whole row of them planted down at the bottom of our hill.

The front landscaping is also greening up and starting to blossom though I can't tell you what anything is. My mind just doesn't have the capacity to remember which bulb flower is which.

If you recall, last fall I planted four trees in front of our house, the serviceberry, a sour cherry shown below, a macintosh and a red delicious apple trees. All are starting to bud and leaf out so they have survived their first winter after getting seriously pruned by the local deer which is why you can see the fence in the background. My favorite fruit tree though is always a sour cherry tree and I can't wait until this gets big enough for me to make a sour cherry pie.

My hope is to plant a couple trees every year for awhile until we get things diversified to where I like it. I have great plans to go down into the ditch at the bottom of the hill and mark some trees that can be dug up and transplanted into the more open spaces of our lawn later this fall. Others which aren't growing on my property I am going to have to propagate or perhaps buy in bulk from a tree seedling place to reduce costs.


Bone said...

I'd like to try to plant some apple and pecan trees. Pecans seem to do well around here. Not so sure about apple.

warren said...

It's finally starting to turn green around here as well. I love the color green that comes with new's such a perfect end to winter...the worst of all seasons!

Ed said...

Bone - I would think an apple would do alright down there if it were watered. I wish pecans would grow up here but I have to go around 200 miles south before I start seeing any.

Warren - Amen!

Leigh said...

Cherry pie is my absolute favorite fruit pie and I'm hoping my little cherry tree will give me enough for a pie this year! I didn't know what a serviceberry looked like, so I had to look it up. Sounds extremely useful as well as aesthetic!

ErinFromIowa said...

My kind of post! Spring is here. :)