Friday, March 20, 2015


Having two young kids necessitates that our vacations include something for them as well as for us adults which has limited our vacations to urban centers around the midwest for the most part. As they get older, we hope to change that a bit but for our mini vacation this time, we chose Omaha, Nebraska. We've spent a couple odd days there over the years but decided to go spend a few this time while visiting some friends of ours that live there. The first touristy thing we did was go hit up the zoo for the kid's benefit. Omaha has a fine zoo and you can see lots of things in it that we don't see in our local zoo, including the aquatic humans seen above. I watched them for awhile and with their garbage bag, I suspected they were removing a dead fish from the exhibit but after ten minutes, the two men mostly just struggled to get their girth underwater. We finally moved on so I never did figure it out.

I loved zoos as a kid but as I got older, I really hated to see all these animals locked up in cells so humans could gawk at them. I know that some good and awareness comes out of zoos and since my children are in the loving them stage, we do take them but I hope as they get older, they too will realize the downside to zoos. One benefit is that it gives me a chance to practice my photography skills which have been rusting away these last few years.

When I photograph animals in the wild, they are alert and moving around which makes them hard to photograph. Zoo animals on the other hand are mostly inactive and asleep. The above tiger however did suddenly rear up onto the glass separating him from a meal causing the prospective bipedal meals to scatter in a hurry before crushing back towards the class to see who could get a photo-op.

A pair of the rare alert animals playing under the supervision of their lioness mother just off the picture.

The Omaha Zoo has an aquarium too as part of their exhibits and I really enjoyed that part. I am tall which allows me to stand up above the extremely smudged lowers glass portions and get some decent photographs.

This is perhaps my favorite photo that I took during our visit. I just never tire of watching jellyfish do their thing.

We spent a long morning at the zoo mostly seeing all the inside exhibits. Despite me warning everyone to dress appropriately since it was still officially winter, all the girls only brought light jackets and were cold the entire time out in Nebraska. So we didn't get a chance to walk around and see all the outside animals like elephants, bears, giraffes and such. Makes me wonder who the truly caged animals were.


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Great photos!

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Have to agree on the photos, really nice. Also agree that zoos evoke mixed feelings. I grew up going to the Brookfield Zoo and most of the animals there had larger areas to move around in. It was a great experience as a kid, but it's hard seeing them in captivity like that. That might be one reason I want our homestead critters to free range as much as possible.

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Thanks everyone!