Friday, February 20, 2015

Goose on the Loose

(Warning, this post contains a picture of a dead Canadian Goose at the end.)

While waiting out at the bus stop recently having one of those father/daughter talks I so enjoy, my daughter said there was a plastic bag down in our ditch with something in it. Sure enough, I noticed it too after she pointed it out to me.

The big problem is that our land goes to the junction of a side road with a main road where traffic stops at a stop sign on the side road before going onto the main road. Because there are trees on both sides and no close by houses, people seem to feel that this is their chance to rid their vehicles of their litter. Back when I bought this house, I used to mow the few feet of grass before the timber on my side of the road and keep the litter picked up but I found that it was taking me twenty minutes to pick up the litter before I could even mow it for fear of hitting something like a bottle with the lawnmower. After a year of doing this, I finally gave up and just let the trash accumulate and the grass grow high enough to cover it up. Also forcing this decision was the cities decision to install an electrical pole in this area to replace an aging one on the other side. In digging the hole, the dug up a whole bunch on concrete filler that they must have used to build up the road base and left it strewn everywhere. It would take a large sledge hammer and quite a bit of time to break all that stuff up and dispose of it. Since it is along a wooded right away, the city comes by with their brush cutter once a year and mows it for me to keep the young saplings from growing up. This chops up the debris and scatters it out so that it isn't such an eyesore.

All this is an explanation of why I didn't notice a plastic bag with what appeared to be a bird in it until my daughter pointed it out to me. I pulled open the plastic bag and exposed the bottom side of the bird. It was a very large bird but wasn't an eagle, turkey or vulture, all of which we have a lot in the area. When my daughter was gone to school, I returned and turned it over and saw that it was most likely a goose and after doing some internet research, I think a Canadian Goose. We do get Canadian Geese in Iowa and there is a hunting season but here in the landlocked rural Southeast part of the state, I don't know of anyone that hunts them. Mostly they go to the east or the west along the rivers that border our state to hunt geese. So why was there a dead goose tied up in a plastic bag on my property?

I wasn't sure what to do. I suspected that the bird came to be here for some nefarious reason because most hunters I know wouldn't waste a goose and besides, hunting season was long over for them. After thinking it over, I decided to call the local law office and report it just in case someone was missing a pet goose. They transferred me to the animal control division where I left a message along with my number. As I write this, the goose is still laying in my ditch/deep freeze thanks to the recent cold snap. If it is still there in a couple days, I guess I will just roll it on down into the woods to let nature dispose of it as it does.

(Updated this morning: The goose is still there and the animals have started working it over. When they get finished, I would like to go back and see if I can find the skull. It might be interesting to look over with my daughter.)


Tewshooz said...

Yes, it is a Canadian Goose and they don't need to be around a lot of water,.....a puddle will do. We have thousands of them this time of year. Maybe it was hit by a car or something like that. They are good eating in season. Maybe it was shot.

sage said...

Where I lived in Michigan we got so many geese in a local park that my daughter started calling it "Goose Poop Park"

Anonymous said...

People seem to think they can jettison rubbish anywhere they like. I find it on top of mountains which means someone had to carry it up.