Monday, January 26, 2015


It's funny how things work but every time we have bought a house, it hasn't truly felt like our house until we cover all the walls and trim with a fresh coat of paint. Until then, it just feels like someone else's house that we have taken over. With our previous house, we painted all the walls in the main living areas off white and then used colors in the bedrooms to suit whomever slept there. It worked well and was easy to maintain because I only had a few cans of paint. But my wife always looked at the pictures of houses in magazines that had assortments of colors and wished we could do the same.

When we bought our current house, I gave my wife complete control over the color palette and we started in painting. At first we really loved the colors in the main living areas but after awhile, we began to change our minds. We simply had too many colors (four) and it just began to wear on us. It was harder to maintain because with four similar colors, I had to remember which color went where whenever I had to do some touch up work. Because we also started doing accent walls of a different color, it nearly tripled the number of paint cans I had sitting down in the basement. Trying to paint walls, I stretched paint to make a gallon work instead of having most of a second gallon setting around which meant that I didn't have any touchup paint for some walls. Finally, even though we chose fairly conservative neutral based colors, they still felt dark to us especially during winter.

So with a coupon in our hands, we stopped in at the local paint store last week and loaded up on one color of paint for all the living areas again. It is much lighter than our previous wall colors and reflects light much better so it makes the house feel brighter and warmer in the winter time. I dreaded all the work of repainting things but now that I'm a couple days into it, I don't anymore. I think I dreaded it because the first time, I spent hours of time patching holes from the previous owners and sanding down hundreds of paint drips from their paint jobs. This time around, I have little to no patch work to do because things on the wall are going back on the wall for the most part and since I do a much better job painting, I don't have any paint drips to sand down first. The hardest part of it all is keeping the two year old distracted so she doesn't get into the paint for a half hour or so until it dries enough not to transfer all over her. We have had no disasters thus far. It is a challenge now that there is furniture everywhere but I try to do just a wall or two a day which gives me time to slide everything out enough for me to paint, let it dry and get it all slid back in place by evening when my wife gets home.

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