Friday, January 9, 2015

My Beach House Rant and Some Misc Pictures

Above is another sunset picture that wasn't meant to be.

The first and third years we went down to this area, we rented the same place and loved it. The second year we tried someplace difference but it wasn't near as nice as the first year which is why we went back to it. On the fourth year, my grandparents backed out of coming and we spent some time convincing them to come as we really enjoyed spending time with them. We even told them we would drive the 500 miles one way to pick them up so they didn't have to drive and we would also return them at the end of the trip. They finally said okay but by that time, someone had already rented our favorite beach house. We ended up finding another one that was pretty bad compared to the first two we had stayed on and to top it off, my grandparents backed out at the last minute and didn't show up last year. So this year we again waited until they were sure they were coming but it meant that we had to try a new place this year since the previous two that we liked were both rented out.

This beach house was nice and had a much bigger kitchen than the first one but a smaller living room area. However, the owner was hard to deal with because he never responded. Our first day was on Saturday when his rental business was closed for the weekend. When we arrived, there was a passcode to get in and since he hadn't returned our calls during business hours, we were looking at the first two days of camping out on the deck. We finally called the emergency number and after a bit of waiting, got someone to give us the passcode to get in. Then we found that the pool and hot tub (which we didn't really want but were forced to pay a premium for to get this rental) were not working, the wi-fi system was not working (didn't really affect me any but was a hardship for other members of my family) and the place didn't have even a broom to clean the floor with. The last item doesn't sound like much but when your house is right on a beach of fine white sand, if you don't sweep up at least a couple times a day, the sand just goes everywhere throughout the house and becomes a real pain to clean up. So we once again called the emergency number and eventually got someone to fix all those problems.

 Fishing boats right off shore, something I hadn't seen before in my previous years.

The real kicker for staying at this beach house was in order to rent it, we had to sign a form stating we wouldn't give is bad reviews on any social media site or we would face a fine of several hundred dollars. This was new to me but several members of my family said that it was starting to become more and more common at resorts and even motels to do so. It is a sad sign of the times in my mind to have to stoop to that. There are ways around it though. I will probably wait until later this summer when I can't be identified by having recently stayed there and leave a time unspecific post reviewing the cottage. I really don't have a beef with the owner since he did fix everything after we called the emergency number but I think I will say something about having to sign a form stating that you can't leave a bad review or face being fined. That way people thinking of renting it will take all the good reviews with a grain of salt.

In a previous post, I said all the sunsets were clouded over and they were, but we did get a few hours here and there during the day where the sun was shining and the temperatures hovered in the low 70's. Back in Iowa, we missed one of the coldest stretches thus far this year.


sage said...

Wow, "free enterprise" trumps "free speech"!

Ed said...

Sage - Evidently that is becoming more common. Scary in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

That 'review' thing was tried in the UK but the courts put a rapid end to it. And in the USA surely someone will bring it into the federal court system since it's crossing State boundaries.

I may have missed it, but why are you halting 500 miles upstream of grandparents. Surely you could find a beach house within an hour of them that wouldn't break the bank.
Oh, did you know the people in Georgia call the coast of the Florida panhandle the Redneck Rivera which is a bit of a giggle since those from the interior of G aim there for their annual stroll on a beach.

Rich said...

I wonder what would happen if you just stated in a review that, "in order to rent it, we had to sign a form stating we wouldn't give bad reviews on any social media site or we would face a fine of several hundred dollars."

That's just a statement of fact and isn't your personal opinion, so technically it wouldn't be a bad review would it?

Ed said...

Vince - Had it been mine down deposit, I might have pushed things a bit but my brother shelled out the deposit and I didn't want to put this on him for my actions.

Rich - That's pretty much what I plan to write but I'm going to wait a bit for the reason I stated above to Vince. If it was my dime for the deposit, it would be a different story.