Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Watching the Michael Brown Train Wreck

It was like watching a slow motion train wreck. I just happened to turn on the television as they were getting ready to announce the grand jury's findings in Ferguson, Missouri. As the cameras were panning the crowd waiting for the verdict, I could see multitudes of black youths with bandannas covering their faces and gas masks on top of their heads. I knew right then that there was going to be a riot.

The fellow reading back the grand jury verdict did a pretty good job of laying everything out. Unlike the commentators in the media, he mentioned the robbery which brought all this to the head. He laid all the forensic evidence showing that Michael Brown attached the police officer in the car and where he was shot first up until he came back towards the officer and met his ultimate face. But as he was reading all this, pan shots of the crowd who were listening only showed people shaking their heads no. Finally the announcement that there would be no indictment.

Michael Brown's family has stressed time and again that they want only peaceful protests but when the hammer came down Michael Brown's stepfather immediately jumped up on a platform and said, "Burn this bitch down" about twenty times at the top of his lungs. The slow motion train wreck started as I watched black youths go down the street breaking out windows in buildings and cars, pouring lighter fluid on them and set them afire. There were bricks, bottles and all sorts of things thrown at the police. Then the crowd started complaining that the police was being heavy handed by using tear gas. Despite that, Michael Brown's stepfather got his wish. I found it ironic that the Rev. Al Sharpton hinted that the Ferguson police allowed the rioters to burn the black part of town down while protecting the white areas.

I just have to shake my head at all this. The black community as they refer to themselves, say this was a racial murder despite all the black witnesses that testified to the grand jury otherwise. The black pundits said that the grand jury didn't have expert witnesses, cross examination, intense pressure put on them like they would get in a trial and thus the grand jury didn't find the truth. They could care less that a grand jury just looks to see if there is enough evidence to warrant a trial and that had they found enough evidence, a trial with all the expert witnesses, cross examinations and intense pressure would have been had.

Yes, there are police officers that get carried away and do criminal acts against innocent blacks. But not every incident is that way and in fact, a slim minority are that way. Yet when the black community decided to riot whenever one is found without merit, it is hard to take their cause seriously. They are doing a grave disservice to themselves. Right now, I'm not sure what the answer is but I would say that the black community is setting themselves back in their fight for racial equality. It seems as if in their eyes, everything isn't equal until it is and then their solution is to riot.


Tewshooz said...

What about the black thugs that murder whites? Never given any air time. I am sick and tired of all the excuses. These dummies would have rioted no matter what the verdict....they already said that. They riot and loot when they are happy and when they are outraged. Pathetic.

malor said...

I agree with what you wrote. Before coming here in the US, our recruiter gave us orientation on American culture. I remember vividly that we were told to respect policemen. To call them officer. To follow what they said as long as it is reasonable. Anyway, they (African Americans) might need those refresher course...