Friday, November 21, 2014

Olbrich Botanical Gardens

One of the places we like to visit whenever we go to a new area is the botanical center. Every major urban area seems to have one and our family enjoys them. The kids have plenty of space to run around and burn off energy without risk of damaging something (unlike a museum or art gallery) and I can relax to enjoy the sites around me enough to take some photographs.

Unlike most botanical centers we have been too, this one had quite a bit of natural water features in it and thus quite a few walk bridges over them. All were very picturesque and I found myself drawn to them through my lens.

Classic fall photo in my opinion.

Yet another bridge.

To me, this bench seems more like a work of art than a resting spot. I just loved how the lichen had attached itself all over it.

Because it was in the middle of November when I took these, there wasn't a lot in the vegetation to take pictures of but I did end up with a couple good photos. The sinister garden up above which certainly lives up to its name and the one below of a tree whose name now escapes me but whose bark was beautiful.

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