Monday, November 10, 2014

Garage Project Finished

As you can see, I finally finished my garage project. I'm sure I will still do some tweaking as time goes along but for now, I'm pulling the plug to move onto other things. Although I didn't plan it, I was able to use a full sheet of plywood for the drawer fronts and only ended up with less than a square foot of scrap. I would have been very happy had I planned it but since I had to load up the second sheet of plywood I bought to return it, I wasn't as happy.

Installing the drawer slides went okay. Had I been planning all this ahead of time, I would have installed the half of the slides that went inside the cabinet as I built it. It was pretty claustrophobic trying to get my torso deep enough in there so that I could apply enough pressure to drive in the Phillips head screws that they supplies. I've gone almost entirely to torques head fasteners for my projects so I don't end up with stripped head screws when I'm done. I've used the same screws over and over on many projects without ever stripping the heads.

When I installed the first drawer, I almost had a disaster. When fussing to get the drawer lined up with the slides, I somehow knocked the end of the slide off sending what felt like a thousand metal ball bearings rolling around the garage. In actuality it was only about a dozen and I was able to find each and every one and put them back in the slide and snap in the cap again. All was well after that and I never repeated the accident.

The picture below shows one of the drawers loaded full of sanding supplies. The slides are rated to hold 200 pounds and this drawer probably only weighed about 50 pounds loaded so I have a large margin of error. My drawer full of screws and nails probably has the most weight. They are also full extension so I can see everything in the drawer easily. The only other problem I had was because I left the drawer sides so small compared to the opening, the drawer fronts extended much higher than the drawer. Because they are made from 1/2" plywood which is not the flattest thing to work with, there are gaps where sawdust can fall into the drawer. I shimmed the drawer fronts to make them as tight as possible and will just live with the gaps for now. If it becomes a huge deal, I'll put a filler piece on the workbench top to extend out away and cover up the gaps.


sage said...

Nice work! Do you want to go on the road and stop by my garage?

ErinFromIowa said...

Is it wrong I laughed reading about the ball bearings? Someday I want a tricked out sewing slash craft area. I keep talking about it. Haha.

Ed said...

Sage - Just as soon as I finish fixing up this house. Don't hold your breath in other words!

Erin - Laughing at oneself is a must so those who laugh at my misfortunes are welcome. Fortunately it all turned out well in the end though at the time, I though I had wasted some time and money watching those bearings roll every which way.