Friday, November 28, 2014


Tis the season of darkness and I could just as soon do without it. Due to going off of Daylight Savings Time, it seems like all my meetings start and thus end in the dark. For some reason during warm summer months, that never bothers me but when it is cold out, it is just downright depressing.

Most of it is my fault since I could very well be home sitting in front of a cheery fire reading a good book, of which I have many to choose from. Instead, I feel like I have to give back to the community so I am a member of a fraternal organization and more recently, a member of the local school board. Between those two things and an assortment of other odd social engagements, it seems like I'm out on cold winter nights more than I would like to be. On the plus side, it makes me cherish those warm evenings in front of the fire with a good book even more.

I should note that the picture is of one of the Catholic Churches in our town. It is version three according to the history books. The first one was a log cabin replaced by a large stone structure where this one sits. Version two burnt down in the 1880's and this one was built to replace it. As far as buildings go in this country, we have precious few buildings that old still standing and in use. I guess that is why I am always slack jawed when I go to places in England and such with buildings approaching 500 to 1000 years old.


sage said...

Good for you for giving back and congratulations on being on the school board. I've lived through that experience with my wife who was elected to the school board when we were in MI--an experience that seems to have cured her interest in politics.

Ed said...

Sage - I may feel that way after the next meeting which to me, feels like a hornets nest that I've jumped into. If I survive that, I may feel the same way as your wife!