Monday, November 24, 2014

Chazen Museum of Art

Although I do occasionally do artistic things such as painting or drawing and I do consider myself decent at it, I don't consider myself an artist. My wife is much better than I at such things and loves to visit art museums. I have a hard time getting enthused about looking at paintings. The older ones all look similar to me and the modern ones have me thinking I could do something like that. So I was a little hesitant when my wife wanted to visit the Chazen Museum of Art at the end of one day after we had already done lots of miles of walking. But they had lots of sculptures and works of art that weren't two dimensional paintings and that attracts me a lot, probably because I stink at doing sculpture. I could spend days walking through an art gallery full of sculptures and admiring them.

So as my wife wandered off looking at paintings, I wandered off looking at sculptures.

I think these were actually real jellyfish preserved in a solid translucent medium. They were quite stunning.

Due to the limits of kids too young to appreciate such things, we only got about halfway through the museum on the first day but as luck would have it, we had some free time the next day so we went back and finished it. I was pleasantly surprised by an entire area dedicated to 18th century furniture. As close to sculpture as I come it making furniture and I love working with wood. It is my hope that someday when I get caught up on all the projects in life that I can set my sights on building really nice furniture like what is seen in these pictures. "They just don't make them like that anymore" is the understatement of the year.

I love to write in my journals every evening but have never had a dedicated desk where I could store my journals, pens and have a place to write. Any flat surface that I currently have in our house collects artifacts from our daily lives and is not really conducive to writing. So someday, I may build something similar to this.

There was a dresser build with book matched pieces of burl maple that was just exquisite. It has only been recently with my pen making hobby that I have discovered the world of burl and spalted woods. Since then, every tree I see with a large burl on it has me making a mental note of cutting that burl off when it dies in hopes of seeing wood grain like what can be seen above.

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