Friday, September 19, 2014

Moving Out

I took a picture of the progress of work on the outside of our garage so that you can see where the sidewalk now meets up with our driveway. It also shows the garage door sitting nice and level with the the far left side of the garage jacked up two and a half inches. It also shows the gutter downspout on the right side of the photo feeds into a pipe that I buried underneath the cement and hooks up to the downspout on the left side of the garage which runs underground to the ditch behind the trees in the far left background.

Unfortunately due to many inches of rain, work on finishing the driveway is on hold until things dry out. I'm taking this opportunity to work on the inside of the garage. I did some electrical outlet work while I had some of the drywall off to jack up the garage. I installed new drywall, mudded and taped it and am in the process of sanding it down and doing some touch up work as needed. Drywall is really cheap and fairly easy to do yourself with a minimal of tools but it certainly is a time consuming process. Before I paint the drywall however, I think I am going to experiment on the garage ceiling which has the dreaded popcorn texture. Our entire house is full of the stuff and I hate it because it traps cobwebs and you are forever sweeping the ceiling and then sweeping the floor to clean up the popcorn texture that fell off while you were removing the cobwebs. A couple years ago I removed the popcorn in the mother-in-law suite I remodeled downstairs but sprayed it with water, waited and scraped it off with a putty knife. It was a laborious process that took forever. Since then I have heard that you can scrape it dry and end up with a 'textured' surface that looks pretty good painted. I tried a small patch with a putty knife and it looked okay but I don't want to do an entire two and a half bay garage ceiling ten feet up with just a putty knife. I found a popcorn scraper at the home improvement store that does a 12 inch swatch at a time and attaches to a broom or mop handle. It was reasonably priced so I'm going to give it a go. It also has a place to attach garbage bags to it to contain the worst of the mess. If the garage ends up looking decent and it wasn't a lot of work, I might end up doing more popcorn removal throughout the rest of the house.

Not a very good picture but all I had was my cellphone with me and the target started moving before I could get the picture taken. We have a doe and a yearling along with another doe and twin yearlings that live in our ditch. I see them just about every evening munching away at our lawn. I have also seen three turkeys and about twenty offspring roaming about several times a week in the same place pecking at bugs and things as they walk through. I haven't yet tired of them. I haven't seen the fox or its kit from last year yet this year. They perhaps moved on or went back to where they normally roamed before giving birth. Or the could still be there and I haven't seen them because foxes are pretty skittish around humans especially ones making lots of noise working on nearby garage and driveway projects.


ErinFromIowa said...

I just now had a flashback of glancing up and seeing numerous baked beans stuck to the popcorn ceiling in the dining room. My three lovely daughters used to... wait... still do get up to hijinks.
Enjoyed the wildlife report!

Ed said...

Erin - I now have a flashback of a streak of egg yolk up a wall and across a popcorn ceiling in our apartment in college. It was a result of proving that an egg can be crushed pole to pole between the palms of your hands.

Anonymous said...

Looks a lovely job.

warren said...

Concrete looks you gotta work on that grass near the garage ;-)