Monday, September 29, 2014


As you can see, the last section of our driveway has been poured. They still have to strip the forms and cut relief joints in it but the hard part is done. It is also the beginning of a countdown because I have a week while that final section is curing before I can drive across it and my wife will be wanting to put the vehicles back into the garage. Since the garage was empty, I am putting the time to good use and painting it inside top to bottom. Hopefully I can wrap that up in the next couple days and then start building my workbench and my wife's gardening bench so that I can start moving stuff back into place. Once that is done, then I need to get cracking on the landscaping because that is going to be a lot of days getting intimate with a wheelbarrow and shovel.

There was a little controversy in pouring that last final section. I had wanted to pour up to the edge of the road leaving the concrete a bit higher and then fill in the huge potholes and crumbling edge of the old asphalt road with hotpatch. This would help to create a bit of a gutter for the water to run past my driveway to the head of the draw off to the left and not over top of my driveway as it has before. We also thought that it would be easier for the city to match up to it some point in the future when/if they ever fix our road. Well the city inspector which must by law inspect the right-of-way portion of the pour before it is poured to insure it meets city code put the kabosh on that plan. Instead, we had to pick an arbitrary point in the road, cut their asphalt away and pour our concrete flush to the road. That way when they come back in the future to put a new layer of asphalt on the road, they can slop it over the top of my new concrete and recreate the same problem I had before. Sometime I just have to wonder what they were thinking. Also, their asphalt road falls off about three inches from where we meet with it flush to where it tapers off at the edge of the road two feet away. This leaves a three inch lip of exposed concrete that can potentially be hit by a road plow in winter. About the only thing I can do to prevent that is to slop some hotpatch in the corners but it will just flake off in a year or two at best. In the two years I've live here I've never seen the road plow get that close to the edge of the road but there is always a first time.

Finally, while sitting on the deck one evening enjoying life, I pointed my phone camera upwards for a change. The clouds kept changing so eventually I went inside and got the SLR and took more pictures but I haven't yet downloaded them. Perhaps sometime in the future I can post a few of them if they turn out nice.


ErinFromIowa said...

That looks so nice! You are a good neighbor!

Ed said...

Erin - My neighbors have said that I'm setting the bar pretty high for them. I have been telling them that I was the only one mowing my driveway so I had a ways to move the bar up just to get it even. I still have the worst siding on the block so the bar is still low yet.

Anonymous said...

THat looks a lovely job.

Anonymous said...

That looks a lovely job.