Friday, August 15, 2014

Kamagong Journals Part Sixteen: Beach Critters

While eating breakfast one morning brought to me by beach resort manager Ferdinand right to the chairs overlooking the ocean, I noticed this fellow on the ground at my feet. He didn't have the regulation size toothpick in him but was missing his head. I stuck the toothpick in so that I could get a closer look at him without touching him while I was eating breakfast and to give some scale to the beetle. It is most definitely the largest beetle I have ever seen.

Because very few houses in the Philippines are insulated and not very tight by American standards, just about every place I went was infested by ants. Fortunately they weren't the biting kind but they were everywhere. These ants disappeared behind the electrical switch plate and their freeway ran up to the ceiling, went all the way down the wall and disappeared in some door jam trim fifteen feet away.

We had some very loud crickets living in a crack between the toilet bowl and toilet tank in the bathroom. Their chirpings really echoed especially when surrounded by hard and smooth porcelain. But off and on I heard another high pitched noise that didn't sound like a cricket but was something I couldn't identify. At first it only happened once in a while but one afternoon it started getting more and more frequent. About the time I found that a lizard was responsible, I heard a return call on the opposite side of the room. Right before my eyes, the two lovers found each other right above my patio bamboo curtains and proceeded to do what lizards in love do. I couldn't resist taking a picture.


sage said...

That last photo is a classic!

Anonymous said...

I suppose in a way we're the same only the relative coolness slows the process down. Anything with protein or a sugar instantly becomes food, And some rock we use in buildings hold a use for bugs too.
I remember reading that they had huge problems finding the correct mix for concrete that wouldn't be eaten by reef borers. Or at least as rapidly.
That's a huge carapace.

Ed said...

Sage - I wish it had turned out sharper but at the time it happened, all I had was a telephoto lens indoors in not very good lighting. I also had only about thirty seconds to take the picture before the show was all over.

Vince - That was my first trip to the Philippines where I have seen so many ants indoors. I suspect a big reason had to do with the rainy season being in full swing this time around.