Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Season Like None Other

We just got through with a winter that was one for the record books. It wasn't particularly snowy but it was one sustained cold streak all winter long. It froze so deep here that that they are still fixing all the broken water mains throughout town. Our house made it through relatively unscathed though the slab under the garage door heaved a bit because they didn't put a footer under it much less a footer below frost line in a normal year. When I get to the garage in my remodeling of this house, I plan to fix that problem.

So after a horribly cold winter, spring was a long time in coming here. We got a little more than normal precipitation but not enough to flood us like in years past. The biggest thing was that spring was cold and we were well into May before I felt safe enough to leave the garden hoses hooked up outside the house.

Summer has come and the cold spell has still remained. We are now at the end of July and we have gotten only four days that cracked ninety degrees. I can't ever remember another July where that has happened. Our grass is still lush and growing fast. When we normally mow our lawn once or stretching it twice in the month of July, we mowed if four times. We are still getting regular precipitation so farmers are looking at absolutely perfect stands of corn and soybeans. My dad, who has never said the words perfect and crops in the same sentence has even admitted that this year his crops look absolutely perfect. He is already worrying about whether he will have room for all of his harvested crops come this fall.

Tomorrow we start the last month of meteorological summer and the forecast for at least the next two weeks for our area is more below normal temperatures. They are backing off a bit on the rain so it may start to dry out but even without rain from here on out and continued cool temperatures we will end up in pretty decent shape. El Nino still has two to one odds of forming which will mean a cold fall here followed by a warmer winter with more precipitation. Just in case mother nature decides to go for three in a row, I'm keeping the snow blower tuned and ready to go.

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Anonymous said...

We're the same. We've had a very odd sort of year. I feel as if I'm missing a month someplace in the middle of spring. We've had what is for all intents and purposes a brilliant summer with each day well above 20 degrees and lots in the 25+ range. But it just doesn't feel it.