Friday, April 4, 2014

A Short Vacation In Dallas

My trip to Texas a week ago was sort of a mini-vacation to a part of the country we haven't spent much time at and to visit an uncle of my wife. He lives on the north side of Dallas in a small community up the hill from the one seen in this picture which was obviously a pretty nice part of Dallas. My wife and I would walk through the community her uncle lived, go down one block, walk through part of this community and get on this trail along the river. Most of the people that we saw walking along the trail were dressed in clothes that would have cost me week's salary back when I was working so it was probably a fair assumption that they lived in the houses seen in this picture.

The thing that made this trip unique was not where my wife's uncle lived or the places we visited during our stay but that it was our first time to meet her uncle's partner. Yes he is gay. Although I have known people who were gay over the years, this is the first time I have ever lived several days in the house of a gay couple. I wasn't expecting anything shocking and it pretty much met those expectations. It was kind of like living with two guys at college only they have more money to spend on furnishings. They were good hosts and we had a good time. The partner of my wife's uncle however turned out to be a bit neurotic and I will probably share a good story about him in a later post.

The first time I met my wife's uncle I suspect he was gay but it wasn't until a few years later that he finally hinted at it enough that we knew for sure. As the years went by, he still has never came out and said so but he worked up to telling us about his partner and finally this year being comfortable with us going to visit him with his partner there. Up until this year, his partner, an world traveling Irish guy, had been living and working in the Philippines so they had only seen each other once a year or so for a week. However in December the partner retired and my wife's uncle and him bought a house together in Dallas. They are both well into their 50's and after so many years of living alone, they are having to adjust to living with someone full time. After several days with them I'm not sure they will survive the adjustment.

Number one on my list of things to see in Dallas was to go visit the Dallas Book Depository where Lee Oswald shot Kennedy. I wasn't expecting much as far as museums go but was very surprised. I'll write more on that experience in a later post. We also went to the Arboretum which we heard good things about and it too was very nice. It was a nice trip, short and sweet and a much needed breather from my bathroom remodeling project which I will start working on again shortly.


sage said...

The few times I have spent the night at a home of gay couples, they have always been very gracious. I wonder how it is accepted in the Phillipines.

Ed said...

Sage - Being largely Catholic, I don't think they look upon gay relationships favorably. However, the Filipinos I know aren't in your face about their views and thus probably are assumed to be tolerant of it.

Leigh said...

Lots of great things to do and see in Dallas! In fact, I used to live in Arlington. Can't say I miss it, however. Too crowded for me.

edifice rex said...

My oldest brother was gay and I always enjoyed going down to spend some time with him and his partner. They were a lot of fun. His partner was a much more sensible person than my brother actually. (my brother lived above his means a bit). Haven't seen Don (his partner) in many years. I'd like to see him and see how he's doing.