Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Things In and Along the River

I just thought I would post a few odd ball pictures from our walk along the river. The one above appears to me to be an old wheelchair that someone threw out in the channel. During normal years when we have average rainfall, the river would be 3 or 4 feet deep here. But thanks to the prolonged drought we have been having, it is now high and dry. Someone should rescue that wheelchair someday.

This was left right in the middle of the boat ramp. Anyone who puts their boat in the water here when water levels get higher will have to first move that out of the way. I'm guessing the pieces of the bed frame were used as a pallet of sorts as it was missing all the rest of the pieces normally associated with a bed frame.

As I walked underneath one of the bridges, my gaze went upward for the first time even though I have walked underneath this spot dozens of times. I assume those are bird nests due to their large openings and there are literally hundreds of them strung out where the pedestrian walk meets the main bridge proper. In the bird world, I would assume these are the swanky nests of the rich birds because not only are they very well sheltered by a five foot overhang but they have a nifty view of the river as it heads downstream. If I were a bird, these might very well be my dream nests!


warren said...

We get "gully washers" here in the hollers and along the streams every spring. We often canoe the rivers and are always amazed at washes out of the hollers...we found a huge stash of old 80s rock cassette tapes clear as day in the river one time...made me sort of sad to see all that awesomeness ruined!

Ron said...

I love exploring along the river and finding interesting stuff (although diapers and fast-food junk are not appealing).

Ed said...

Warren - In the Philippines, the residents of the mountains count on the gully washers to 'take out the trash'. You go halfway down the mountain and more villagers are using the same stream to bath, get their cooking water and even bottling up and trying to pass if off as bottled water at roadside stands. I learned early on that if you don't break the seal on a water bottle there, you definitely don't drink it.

Ron - Yeah that wouldn't appeal to me either. It always saddens me at how people treat our streams and rivers. It won't be long before they will look like any old river found in industrial China.

Anonymous said...

I've never minded dog poop when out&about even when I hadn't a dog. Frankly I think kids should learn not to put their hands into the stuff and those too young should be inside fences. Of course I also think both kids and dogs shouldn't be in formal gardens at all. But this sort of thing really get to me. You see someone had to pick up the rubbish and carry it to where it could be taken by the river. I see it on mountains too. People actually bring paint and paint brushes 2000ft up a mountain to scrabe their tag on stones and cairns. I've even seen designs incised into rock. Meaning someone humped chisels and mallets. None of it is accidental.
How the devil did a folded wheelchair find itself in the water.

Ed said...

Vince - It always amazes me how people treat property that isn't their own. At the end of the day however, it all comes down to one reason for it. Their parents never taught them better.

I would bet money that the wheelchair was thrown into the river by some mischievous teens who stole it somewhere. It is too heave to have floated or been washed there.