Monday, February 24, 2014

Dewing It Up

Once I heaved the three pieces of my old shower out the door and over the deck railing, I came back inside and noticed these two Mountain Dew cans in the recess behind it. I'm not sure how old they are but I suspect the are the approximate age of the house which was built in 1973. They have the old style opening that I remember seeing only when I was a wee lad when they were phased out for today's design. I have also never seen the ya-hooo logo ever. I wonder when they got rid of that? The other thing I noticed are that the cans are extremely heavy duty compared to the thin aluminum they use today. If someone were inclined to crush one of these on their forehead, it might punch out of circle of forehead instead of crushing.

I'm not sure what to do with them yet. They cleaned up nicely and I checked on ebay and found several people selling them for $10 each. I don't know what someone would actually pay for one of them. For now I guess I'll just admire them for awhile and think of how thirsty those guys must have been when installing that shower that I just tore out.


Ron said...

I'm guessing they are made of steel?

I once found a brand new handsaw sealed in the ceiling of a mobile home.

Ed said...

Ron - I haven't put a magnet on them but I'm sure they are. I have found a couple hammers and a utility knife in walls but never anything brand new. Someday maybe I'll win the lottery and find a new tablesaw somewhere in my walls!

sage said...

Here's hoping that the next find is an unopened bottle of Scotch!