Wednesday, February 19, 2014


A couple years ago, though it seems like only last week, I blogged on here about finding out the name of my recently discovered half-sister after two years of searching for her. I wasn't sure what to do with the news at the time mostly because I didn't want to upset the proverbial apple cart. What if she was still in close contact with my biological father whom I don't have a relation with? What if she didn't even know about him or me? I didn't want to upset my life with a loving stepfather who has been my only father for the last 32 years by seeking out my biological father. I most certainly didn't want to upset the life of a half-sister who wasn't seeking to establish contact with me.

I did some research and learned a little bit about her in a couple newspaper articles and a few past addresses. I didn't know which one was a current address so I just let it simmer awhile. It actually simmered for almost two years before my mom made the decision to get onto a popular social media platform. After helping her get set up, I decided that I too should finally bite the bullet and join up too to see what I was missing. As I was in the process of finding other friends on it, I searched for my half-sister out of habit and curiosity and almost immediately found her. I wrote several messages to her but never sent them because I just wasn't sure of the outcome and that scared me a bit. After a month of deliberating, I finally sent her a message and waited nervously for a response.

I waited and eventually sent her a second and then a third message but learned that all the messages were going to an alternative mailbox mostly for spam because of the way the social media site was set up and that she may not know about it. Or possibly she may have seen them and I upset the apple cart in her life and was persona non grata. I just didn't know so I let it rest. During that time, I discovered her on another social media platform and a week ago, three months after the first message I sent her, I wrote her a vague message on that site asking her to check her other mailbox on the other social media site. She responded right away.

Fortunately her life and mine are similar in some aspects, especially with our biological father we share in common. So meeting her has been a neat experience and I'm glad I took the chance to reach out to her. She has known about me since she was a little girl so there were no apple carts upset in our first contact. I'm fairly confident now that there won't be any in the future either.

It is not often that one gains a sibling after 40 years of life.


edifice rex said...

Cool!! I'm glad it's worked out well for ya'll.

Jeff said...

Wow, it is a nice gift to gain a sibling.

ErinFromIowa said...

This is awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it's turned out well.

Ed said...

Thanks everyone! I'm glad I finally gathered up the courage to make contact.

Leigh said...

It would take anyone some time to build up the courage for this. So glad you took the step and that she responded well. Sounds like it will be fun to get to know her.