Monday, January 20, 2014

Hodge Podge for $1000

In the final post about my Florida vacation, I thought I would post two pictures that really didn't fit with the theme of the other posts. In this picture you can see the nearest of two piers that our rented house was located between. This one was probably slightly less than a mile down the shore and the other one was closer to three miles in the other direction. I hiked to the one seen here one morning when I didn't have enough time for a longer walk with the intention of walking out on it. I discovered however upon arriving to it that you had to pay for the privilege of walking upon it. I decided that I didn't really care one way or another whether I walked upon it other than perhaps getting a few pictures for my blog so I opted to take the free option and walk on the sand underneath it.

Although it was warm compared to back home in Iowa, it was still too cold for me to wander around shoe-less or wade in the water. My daughters on the other hand were keen to do both for forty minutes or so until even they had to go back inside to warm up. My oldest daughter loved digging holes in the sand beneath the waveline and sitting in them as the waves washed over her. I froze just watching her. The youngest one didn't care much for the wading but loved sitting in the sand and running her fingers and toes through it. When I took the above photo, all I could think about are those little sugar coated donut holes that you can sometimes find.


kymber said...

Ed, buddy - i have loved all of the vacation posts!!! i love the sea and the sand too! those little doughnut holes are called "timbits" - and they are wonderful. most canadians could not survive without a tim horton's doughnut shop less than a kilometre away from them - they'd simply die! and that's where timbits come from!

anyway, ya know i love ya, buddy - but if i don't get that lumpia recipe soon WITH pics -the friendship just might be over. not trying to blackmail you or anything....jes' sayin' - bahahahaha! i want my recipe!!!

your friend,

Leigh said...

And here we are with another week of cold weather forecast! I hope your homegoing isn't too much of a shock.

malor said...

those are cute legs...

Anonymous said...

Always loved the looks received by the locals when I running around in shorts in 50 degree temps. They're bundled in parkas.

Ed said...

Kymber - The recipe is up at last. I hope it was worth the wait.

Leigh - It takes more than a week of warm weather down south to loose my conditioning so I've been warm. It helps to have a roof over my head, a fireplace, and a huge stack of wood.

Malore - I just couldn't resist taking that picture.

Woody - Having married into a family that live in the tropics, it fascinates me how conditioning takes place. It takes them about a full year to condition to both the heat and cold but after that they are fine.