Friday, January 31, 2014


Along with bald eagles, the river near my house and more specifically the open water below the dam attracts thousands of Canada Geese during the winter months. They spend their days hanging out on the ice near the main channel and catching fish for food. On our walk a couple weeks ago, there were thousands of them enjoying the nice day. I noticed that when resting, many only have one leg on the ice at a time and the other one is tucked up underneath. I suppose they trade off now and then to keep their limbs from freezing?

I love looking at river ice because unlike ice in lakes, it seems to form into many shapes and colors that I find appealing. It reminds me a bit of the image of earth from space.

There were thousands of geese all up and down the river and with my telephoto lens, the only lens I had that day, it was hard to show the shear numbers of them. They were everywhere!

This is what I would call an 'artsy fartsy' picture I took along the walk of some old milkweed along the river. I've always thought that when I am older and unable to get around as easily that I would turn some of these pictures into actual works of art either through painting, drawing or simply printing them.

The river here isn't too deep. I would guess that at this time of the year it is probably less than four feet deep on average. During the spring when it is wetter, that probably increases nearer to ten feet deep and more. One of the things that always fascinates me when I get to look in the water when it is shallow is the riverbed. Here in Iowa, I always expect to see a river bottom full of mud since dirt is everywhere and rock outcroppings are rare. But the river bottom is paved in cobblestones.


Ron said...

Wow... great photos. I used to love being by the river in the winter and seeing all the patterns in the ice.

I hadn't really ever considered taking nice photos, and blowing them up big enough to frame... but nowadays, digital cameras have so many pixels that a person could probably do so easily. I might borrow that idea for our house as we think about putting things on the walls that have a bit more meaning to us...

malor said...

what camera and lens did you use. good photos

Ed said...

Ron - Another blog that I follow has someone blowing up his prints onto canvas for an art show he is doing for the first time. I'm thinking I am going to try one myself and see how it is. I like have original and meaningful art on my walls too.

Malor - My wife gave me a Rebel T3 for my birthday a few years ago. The lens is an old 75-300mm canon zoom lens that I bought about 20 years ago when I first got into photography and had money to burn. It is a really slow lens so it is a struggle to get crisp pictures with it without steadying it on something but it still works.