Monday, December 2, 2013

A Pair of Pardoned Turkeys and an Opossum In a Tree

I know the above picture would have been more appropriate this past Thursday but like millions of people in America, I decided to stay home and be with my family instead of trying to lose the meaning of Christmas. This meant I was doing the things that families should be doing instead of spending time sitting in front of a computer. I smoked a turkey for our feast and took photos of two that lived to see another year. Actually there were four of them but I was taking the picture through the window and the best one (which is marginal at best) only showed two birds.

Later after our feed, we decided to walk off the turkey by partaking of another family tradition, the search for our Christmas tree. Because for the last handful of years we have been going down to Florida right after Christmas to spend time with my grandparents who only have a few Christmas' left in this world, we get our tree up early because we generally take it down early before we leave. Because we like to be environmentally friendly when possible and love the smell, we harvest red cedar trees for our Christmas trees and leave the plastic ones out of the landfill and avoid the mass produced ones they sell outside of box stores. The red cedar smells heavenly in the house and here is the big secret, add a small bottle of food coloring to the first can of water you give it and it turns a bright Christmas green color in about 24 to 48 hours.

Trying to make this long story shorter, while looking for our red cedar tree, we haven't to come across the below scene. I've always thought opossums looked kind of prehistoric especially when they open their mouth wide and show their teeth at you. This guy didn't do that but he certainly was a little perturbed that we came along and disturbed his nap. He did graciously allow me to take a few pictures of him so I walked away and let him resume his nap.


Bone said...

Nice opossum.

I did not go out shopping, either. I did Black Friday one time, about fifteen years ago, mainly for a girl. Never again.

Anonymous said...

Is the 'O' silent.

I have difficulty thinking of a bird the size of a turkey running about wild. The Europeans must've thought all their dreams came true when they saw all the food on the hoof for the having. You can see how possession of a firearm was so important, especially in places like the Ozarks and the Appalachian Divide where the soil was thin.

Ed said...

Bone - Always a girl involved isn't there!

Vince - According to the dictionary, it can be pronounced with or without the 'O'. Locally we don't pronounce the 'O'. We just start with the 'P' and go from there.

I like eating wild game but wild turkey is about my least favorite of all of them. They are usually very tough eating unless you slow cook them for a long time. I much prefer a young turkey. The only problem is that young domestic turkeys are genetically bred for large breasts which are flavorless compared to the wild ones. I haven't found the best compromise so I usually add flavor in the form of wood smoke to the domestic ones.