Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Young Mozart

I haven't done an update post on Baby Abbey in awhile so I thought I should remedy that situation since she is nearly a year old. Time flies when you are having fun and I must say, the second baby was a lot more fun than the first. Don't get me wrong, I love Little Abbey and enjoyed her babyhood too but I guess I was always on edge that I wasn't doing things right or I was spending a lot of time learning about parenting as I went. This time around with Baby Abbey, I am much more relaxed so I guess that translate into having more fun. After Little Abbey graduated from diapers and reached a stage where she didn't need so much effort to raise on a daily basis, I often wondered how people had two or three children at a time in diapers. Now after having a second one, I understand. As parents, the first baby trained us on how to do things and what things worked so when the next one comes, we are old pros at it.

Baby Abbey is growing teeth, babbling and furniture cruising. Developmentally she is about three months earlier on about everything than Little Abbey was. I'm guessing Little Abbey's hard entrance into the world along with 10 day hospital stay had something to do with that. I though Little Abbey might be walking outright by now and she is close but just not quite there. She has now weaned herself from the wife despite our best intentions and so now she just eats what we eat and washes it down with formula milk.

Probably the best thing I love to see is how Baby Abbey reacts when her sister Little Abbey gets off the school bus in the afternoon. It is clear that even though we have nurtured and cared for Baby Abbey for the first year of her life, her life revolves around big sister. Fortunately, Little Abbey at age seven now, adores her little sister.

Now that the basement family room area is fixed up with the bookshelves and fireplace, we spend a lot more time downstairs and Baby Abbey is enjoying the opportunity to explore more world. In the photo above, she also shows that she can play the piano just like her big sister can.

Now that I have the opportunity to spend more time at home with this baby, I get to experience all the things first hand now and really see her as she grows and develops more and more personality. I missed a lot of that with Little Abbey and I regret that all the time. This time I am making amends and I wouldn't change things for the world.


Bone said...

It really is amazing how kids seem to know and love their siblings from such an early age, and to watch them react to each other.

I never remember my sister's life revolving around me, though maybe around aggravating me :)

Ed said...

Bone - I remember the same thing about my little brother!

Vince said...

I read this when you put it up. But then I had to go away and think of something to say. Frankly though I've nowt. It truly is far far outside my wheelhouse.
All I'll say, wasn't she just born yesterday and, now she's walking !.

Ed said...

Vince - She was born a year ago today but yes, it does seem like yesterday. Technically she isn't walking yet. She 'furniture cruises' fairly confidently and can stand up without holding onto anything so it probably won't be long.

Leigh said...

Isn't it amazing how different it seems with the first and then second child? Plus it's amazing how quickly they grow and learn. Moments to treasure.