Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Life For a Fallen Giant

In a city cemetery down the road from my place, a giant old oak tree succumbed to oak wilt like many of my trees have done. I have split my trees up for firewood but the city got a grant from a local historical organization and decided to do something different. They had a ten foot tall civil war solider carved into what remained of the stump. I stopped by the other day and couldn't resist taking a few pictures of it. According to the newspaper it was around 250 years old. I'm guessing the big one that I had removed next to my house last year was a little younger at about 200 years old.

I couldn't resist playing around with my panoramic feature on my new phone. I still like it but wish I was on some sort of moving trolley so that the whole picture didn't appear hinged at the middle. Funny thing though is that while taking this panoramic photo of the civil war soldier, I notice for the first time the fellow to the left of him in the distance that had an entire cannon mounted upright on his tombstone. (You can see it sticking up in the air!) I didn't have time on this trip but sometime soon I am going to have to walk over and see who he is. He must have some sort of military background I'm guessing and I'm sure there is an interesting story behind his grave.


Anonymous said...

That is artfully recycled.

Anonymous said...

And it's not any old cannon but a naval cannon in fricking IOWA.

Bone said...

Cool picture, regardless of the absence of a trolley.

To loosely quote a Seinfeld, "Now I see why people like golf. It's just nice to be outside in a well-manicured area."

Leigh said...

There's no marker or name? Any idea who put it up? So interesting!

Ed said...

Woody - I thought so too though I am saddened that it won't be around forever. Something that good should almost be preserved.

Vince - Some day I will walk out to it and see if I can find out more of a story. It is pretty impressive.

Bone - Seinfeld just becomes more applicable the older I get it seems.

Leigh - There was an article in the paper talking about the artist. He is a local artist that mostly carves tree trunks into animals but does occasionally do stuff like this. I didn't jump across the fence to see if there was a marker. I'll look when I am checking out the cannon for Vince.