Friday, November 15, 2013

My New Favorite Thing

I have tried panoramic photography many times in the past. Most of the time, probably 95% of the time, I take a series of photos with my camera, download them and then they gather electron dust on my hard drive. The other 5% of the time, I attempt to cut and paste them together with the software that came with my computer but they never turn out. Most of the time it is because I don't have software to do this automatically. I have to go by eye which is cumbersome and doesn't always work out. I suppose I could buy software that does it for me but because it is something I don't need very often, I can't ever seem to justify the expense.

Last week I upgraded my phone. My old phone was finally starting to break down and buttons weren't always working. Also, the way they bill those things, you sign a contract for two years to pay back the phone. At the end of the two years when the phone is completely paid for, one would assume the price would go down to reflect that but one would be assuming incorrectly. I even offered to buy the phone outright to get a cheaper rate but they wouldn't have anything of it. So since I am tied to paying for a phone that is already paid for, I might as well get a new phone when I am eligible.

All this is simply to tell you that my new phone has a panoramic setting on it. I simply start on the left side of where I want my photo to begin, hit the button and slowly swing the phone to my right using the horizontal line they provide as reference to keep the picture level. When I reach the right side of the area I want to photograph, I hit the button and the entire picture is complete. The above picture was my first panoramic photo I took using the new phone and its software. It was my second attempt. The first attempt I didn't pay attention to the arrow and tried to scan from right to left and only ended up with two fragmentary pictures at both ends.

I should tell you a little about the picture itself. What it shows is is the area of the big bend in the river shown in my header photo at the very bottom of the bend. It is known as Ely's Ford and is where the Mormons crossed on their way from Nauvoo, Illinois to their new home now known as Salt Lake City, Utah. The leaders of the church on the initial trip actually crossed at other points in the county but the majority of Mormons whom followed behind crossed right here. Right at the ford is a little park where one can picnic on a nice day and following the river around the bend to the northeast is a nice trail that I have hiked many times to the county seat also seen in the header picture. With young kids, I haven't hiked the trail in several years and this day was too cold to take the little one out for long so I just took a picture and enjoyed the view for awhile. In another year or two, when our youngest is more self dependent, I plan to make that hike once again. But until then, I have a new toy on my phone that I need to do more experimenting with.


warren said...

I love doing panoramic photos...mess iwth yours and you will find all sorts of potential for weirdness too...that is a lot of fun also! Anyhow, good pic!

sage said...

Nice photo and interesting history

Vince said...

Yes a pretty nice photo. Isn't it amazing what they are able to do with a few mm of glass by way of sharpness. I even saw someplace that you can get lenses that are build for the phone.
On the Mormons, I don't find their existence half as fascinating as the reason for their genesis. Why for instance was that area of Il such fertile ground. Usually such things grow from exclusion. And the violence of the reaction to them was out of all proportion. And while small sects would have been rare they weren't so rare as to be unheard of.

Ed said...

Warren - I haven't done anything besides the traditional panoramic. Now you've got me thinking...

Sage - Because of my proximity to Nauvoo, I can't help but know the history.

Vince - I've seen a phone with a snap on lens of sort but it won't work with my phone. I am fascinated by the Mormons too because they are infantile compared to most other established religions. I am amazed at how they started and still continue.

Leigh said...

Great shot! I see great panoramas in your future, and ours, LOL