Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lay of the Land

With my new found toy, I can finally take a picture that more accurately shows the lay of my property, something I have found impossible with my other cameras. My problem was that I could never get enough area in the field of view to provide reference for the topography.

In this picture the morning after our first snow flurry, I stood on the highest point of the property right by the corner of my garage and shot a panoramic photo. Starting on the left hand side, you can see the nose of my oldest and most beloved cars because it was the first new car I ever purchased. The side street that we live on runs along the ridge in the left corner of the photo. My property begins at the road and drops off slightly to a fairly level small bench where I've thought if we live here long enough, I might build a small shop over there. Below the bench the ground drops off steeply into the 'big ditch' that starts at the very left side of the photo and runs to about the center of it.

The thicker area of trees in the background of the photo is left as a screen of sorts to shield our property from the main road that runs behind them. It is effective in the summer and gives us the illusion of being totally secluded. During the winter months when the leaves our off, you can see the road and the neighbor's house across the valley but it still doesn't feel like living in a fishbowl like our other house did.

As the land rises up in the middle of the photo is levels off onto a large bench on the right side of the photo. There you can see some of the pipes from the septic system and that stack of wood is a 'tower' built by my oldest daughter with the leftover scraps from my log ripping project in our outdoor firepit ready to be burned the next time we have a fire. On the far right of the picture is the beginning of a concrete retaining wall that holds back the dirt next to the house so that we can have a walk-out basement.

Behind me is the house and a large front lawn between it and the side street that continues away from the main road at a diagonal following the ridge top and forming our slice of this world into a large triangle.

I have a lot of future plans to develop what you can see in this picture. Where the slope is the steepest next to the driveway and where my front lawn drains into the 'big ditch', I would like to build a retaining wall to allow easier mowing since right now it has to be done by weed eater and even then it is hard to stay standing on the slope without sliding down. All the water from up the street runs down through that big ditch and it is eroding at a pretty fast clip. I would like to get some large boulders and rocks to line the bottom of it to slow down the erosion and give it a more aesthetic appeal.

On the large bench at the right of the photo I would like to build a garden in another year or two when the littlest is old enough to allow me the time to actually get outside and garden. We would also like to move the firepit from the flattest and nicest part of our lawn off towards the slope down to the big ditch where it is out of the way and on terrain we probably wouldn't use for anything else. I would like to plant a few fruit trees and some spring blossoming trees like redbuds, etc. along the perimeter of our property to provide more screening and to give it some more appeal in early spring until the leaves come in.

That is pretty much the dime tour or my backyard. Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Bone said...

It's pretty back there. I can see how parts would be a hassle to mow though. I'm pretty sure my fledgling lawn care business couldn't handle that right now.

warren said...

I love pano pics...but I hate the snow for you!

Ed said...

Bone - The fellow I hire has one of them new John Deere industrial zero turn jobs to mow it and he can't do the real steep stuff if there is any bit of moisture on it. Even when it is dry, he can't do all of it and ends up using a huge weed eater for the rest.

Warren - It wasn't too bad because it didn't stick around long. However it sounds like we might gets some more followed by some real intense cold here in the next couple days. I'm planning inside projects.

Anonymous said...

That looks a lovely space. I especially like the dip, it gives more character than if the site was flat.

You can get an app that will triple shoot at different exposures and stitch them. So you have the sky from the under the midground from the 0000 and the near from the over. Then it does the panorama.

Ed said...

Vince - Do you know the name of the app? I've looked but there are thousands of available apps and the descriptions are vague if helpful at all. Mostly I go by tech reviewers who sort through them for a living.

Anonymous said...

It's called HDR (high dynamic range. In the Iphone the actual HDR isn't that high nor has it that much range. But it can shoot for shadowed and another for highlights then merge. What I don't know is the range. Usually with a DSLR it's -4 to +4, 8 stops either side of any given condition.
It seems the reviews on-line don't know how the phone is procession the files though. They are saying there are a number of separate photos taken, which is both true and not as far as it goes. I think the software is taking a copy and dropping the EV for one and raising it for the other. It isn't actually burst shooting -4 0 +4. There seems to be a worry about camera shake.