Friday, November 22, 2013

Kingdom of the Spiders

A while back we got to talking about scary movies at the family supper table and I was regaling everyone with stories of some that I had seen in my youth. Actually I was boring my daughter and my wife had never seen any of them. I like scary movies though there were two in particular that were disturbing enough for my young mind that I had nightmares about them after seeing them. The worst one was the girl with no mouth from Twilight Zone the Movie. It took me many nights before I could finally rid her image from my brain.

The other one was one about tarantulas taking over a town but darn if I could remember the name of it. I finally gave up and hit google but all I could find was one about tarantulas in a plane. Finally I decided that perhaps it didn't have tarantula in the title and searched for spider movies. At last I found the title Kingdom of the Spiders starring William Shatner. Had I even remembered he was in it would have made finding it much easier but since I was probably only five or six at the time, Shatner didn't mean anything to me. Still doesn't for that matter!

Once I found the name, I also found the movie on Youtube and just watched it again for the first time in three and a half decades. Although it is very formulaic, it was still enjoyable to see the movie that haunted many a dream when I was a child. Still, it didn't haunt as many dreams as the face of the girl below!


Anonymous said...

I remember one with Kevin Bacon with big worms, this

edifice rex said...

I remember watching The Blob! (the old original) when I was about 6 or 7 and being absolutely terrified. Couldn't sleep etc. Then I saw it again about 10 years ago. Ha! It's funny what a kid's mind can conjure. Some of the old Nightstalker episodes did the same thing. I loved that show though.

Ed said...

Vince - I loved Tremors also but the sequel was poor.

Edifice Rex - I loved The Blob but didn't watch it until I was probably in college as a rerun. Never heard of Nightstalker. I'll have to google that one.

edifice rex said...

OMG! the old Nightstalker series was great. It may have been slightly before your time. I know I was very young when I first saw it but they played reruns until I was 12 or so. It had Darrin McGavin as a crazy newspaper reporter that was all the time finding monsters. We loved it. I still love to watch it if I can find it on, which is rare.

Leigh said...

OK, no mouth is extremely creepy! And I had to laugh at the Kingdom of the Spiders poster. Starring William Shatner!