Monday, September 16, 2013

South Dakota: Sioux Falls

Just a mile or so from our state's border, lies Sioux Falls, South Dakota and above is how Sioux Falls got its name. Unlike other notable falls like Great Falls, Montana that were buried under reservoirs or destroyed, Sioux Falls protected theirs with a park and preserved it. On our way back home, we pulled in here to stretch our legs for an hour or so walking around the trails. Had I a picnic basket of food with me, we would have ate supper there but alas, we didn't and so couldn't.

The ducks weren't scared of going over the falls.

I noticed a lot of markings that the rocks along the falls had been quarried at some point. The dynamite holes drilled into them are unmistakable. However it was only on our way back to the car that my wife saw a sign that explained they why. What you see is on top of a nearby hill and is a prison. To get all those rocks to build that prison, they sent prisoners to the falls to quarry rocks and build their new home. I bet those prisoners that quarried those rocks stayed on the straight and narrow after being released. Perhaps we should do other great works similar to this with today's prisoners.


Anonymous said...

For someone not from the States. How do you go about feeding yourself on such a trip. Was it 3/4* hotels and B&Bs all the way. I ask for you mentioned a picnic and wondered how you went about getting the food. Do you have a cool box in the boot to keep food/drinks cool. Do you drive and halt for a nosebag at someplace nice. Or have you got spreadsheets of data and reviews with a times between each place.
It's not like going on your own, where you can set a route march pace. And did you have two cars.

Leigh said...

What an amazing place. Beautiful! You've taken some excellent photos of your trip. Really interesting for those of us who can't travel.

warren said...

That's beautiful! It almost looked man-made it was so perfect! Neat pics...and the prison story is great!

Ed said...

Vince - It depends on the trip but I can give you a few details. Since this was mostly a road trip, we stayed in motels in the evening. Unlike Europe, motels are the preferred and cheaper way to stay when on the road. B&B's are almost always more expensive. Most of the motels put out a included breakfast with your stay so we never had to worry about that. Because we were often out in the middle of nowhere for lunch, we just took along a sack of stuff to snack on during the day and then just ate an early supper at a restaurant. For choosing, we did do some review searching online ahead of time in towns where we knew we would be staying and for those spur of the moment places, we just used our GPS system and went to someplace that sounded good.

I did try to kind of plan out how long it was between places but as normal, all that went out the window right away. I ended up just programming everything into my GPS and we just selected where we were going next by what time it was currently and how far away it was. It allows us to skip things we don't feel like doing and allows us to see things along the way that we didn't know was there until we came upon them. Sioux Falls was one of those spur of the moment things we say and we nixed seeing a minute man nuclear silo earlier on in the trip. Finally, I have a minivan that could seat all of us. I wouldn't want to attempt a road trip with two vehicles just because of the hassle of coordinating everything.

Leigh - I love taking pictures but generally I'm not very good at it. But occasionally the fully automatic part of the camera makes me look good!

Warren - The prison story is great but only because we are on the outside!