Monday, September 30, 2013

Miscellaneous Fall

I love these days of waking up to a nose that feels a bit frosty because the window above the headboard is cracked open and yet I am toasty warm in the covers. Walking out to the meet the bus with the oldest daughter and breathing in that crisp fall air is intoxicating. I find that it clears out the brain and we have some interesting discussions while waiting on the bus.

Yesterday I preserved another batch of pickled banana peppers and onions. I had already put the canner away for the season but excess called again and so I brought it back out. I also have a trunk load of butternut squash that I am going to do something with. I still have a half dozen or so bags of squash from last year in our freezer but since that probably won't last a whole year, I want to preserve more. Besides, those bags of squash are Hubbard squash which are the most tastiest of squash in my opinion and best for pumpkin pies and homemade pumpkin ice cream. Butternut is really good too but I just don't want to fill up my freezer anymore especially with a deer or two entering into it in another month or two. So I think I am going to try canning the butternut squash since I have a lot of quart jars left.

I recently ate an outstanding squash dish that consisted of mashed cooked squash mixed with onion, red pepper, green pepper, garlic, two eggs, plain yogurt, feta cheese, salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne with some toasted sunflower seeds on top. I threw that in a casserole dish and baked it for a half hour covered and another half hour uncovered. I'm glad I still have some leftovers. Because of this dish, I think the canned squash would go perfectly for cooking it later this winter or next year even.

As I am writing this, the guys who are installing my new woodburning fireplace insert are here. I thought about trying it myself but in the end decided to just pay the installation costs. The price for installation was very reasonable, I didn't have to be worried about insurance covering the fireplace if it was done by licensed professionals and most of all, I've just never done something like that and don't know all the tricks of the trade to do a good job. There also wasn't much information available for doing it yourself on the web. I'm not disappointed. It gives me a chance to catch up on other things while they do in a morning what would have taken me several days I'm sure.

My honey-do list hasn't been progressing as much as I had hoped. I crossed off a few small projects and added a few more projects like the ladder bookshelf for my mother-in-laws room and some storage totes that I'm finishing up for my wife's office. I will do a post on those later. The big ticket items on my list will probably start in a few weeks when my brother stops by to help me out. He and I will probably spend a day bucking some of the dead trees around the house. After he leaves and the trees our now out of the way, I hope to perhaps start building a fence around the future garden area. That is going to be a lot of work. After it becomes too cold to do outside work, I have three rooms left to remodel inside which should more than keep me busy all winter long. For the next few weeks however, I am thinking of doing another woodworking project out in the garage while the weather is nice for such things. I just need to figure out what.


ErinFromIowa said...

I recently ate an outstanding squash dish...
I think you need to post the recipe for this! :)

Ed said...

Erin - I will post the recipe in another post on Wednesday.

kymber said...

buddy - i'm with Erin - i neeeed that recipe! another great thing to do with squash is to make delicious cinnamon squash soup - yummeh! when it comes to things like installing fireplaces and whatnot, stick with the professionals! there is a ton of DIY stuff that we can all do, but some stuff is best left to the professionals...especially if insurance companies are involved! one thing that we have learned since moving to the manor is that you think you can accomplish more than you actually and living sometimes gets in the way! trust me, that list of projects will always be added to and never be "done". so just learn to cross things off as they get done, add things as you think of them, and not let the list ruin your daily happiness!

now i need that recipe!!! your friend,

Three Score and Ten or more said...

I wish I had the energy and strength to to those things. My student renters moved out of my old house (I wish we still lived there) and pretty much trashed it. We had to paint every room, shampoo the carpet, get a polisher for the hardwood floors and I am just grateful for the folks I had working on it. The young man who did the yard spent 50 hours raking magnolia leaves trimming bushes etc. I would never be a landlord again if I didn't have the dang mortgage to pay. At 79 I just want to watch things happen. I miss blogging and am going to try to start again now that I have some pain problems partially solved. At least I am back to reading some of my favorite blogs.

warren said...

How about a recipe for your pickled banana peppers and onions? I love that kind of stuff!