Monday, September 23, 2013

Living On Excess

No I'm not spending all my hard earned dollars that I mentioned in the last post. I am a frugal person and live a frugal lifestyle. I'm actually referring to garden grown produce which since we moved last year and don't have a garden one might expect it to be pretty slim pickings around here. It isn't.

Ron from the blog From Lack of a Better Plan said it best in a post from a few weeks ago. Gardens are temperamental beasts and sometimes things grow better than expected and other years they don't. People with gardens have known this for ages which is why they learn to can, pickle, freeze and otherwise preserve excesses for use when the garden isn't producing.

But eventually people  reach their breaking point and can't preserve another tomato no matter how much they would like too. They have enough tomatoes preserved to last through a very long nuclear winter or two and the thought of spending a day sweating in the kitchen canning more just doesn't sound very good. This is where I come in. I pick up those excesses that people can't use and preserve them myself.

As I write this, I am in the midst of canning another probably 23 pints of salsa after spending yesterday canning 16 pints. Before that I froze around 80 quarts of sweet corn and canned 20 quarts of tomato sauce. In another week, I have spoken for a bunch of banana peppers and other veggies that I am planning on pickling. I also have a bag full of apples that I'm going to freeze as future pie filling that you just thaw out, pop into a crust and bake. Finally, I have a trunk load of butternut squash that I am going to make into something yet undecided. Life is good, especially when I didn't have to sweat and toil out in a garden all summer and still get the benefit of fresh veggies.


Anonymous said...

It's good to have friends who garden.

Anonymous said...

Good to be able to get the produce. I suppose the volume isn't o-t-t for family but it's a scary amount for me.

Ed said...

Woody - Amen to that!

Vince - It is over the top for one year even for us. But because it is pressure canned, frozen, pickled or thus preserved, it is good to go for a half dozen years or so. Before then, we will be wanting to preserve more as excess is provided to us.