Monday, July 29, 2013

Projects Wrap-up

I'm calling these two projects done for the time being. The paint is still drying and when I took this picture, the first of our guests were slated to arrive in less than 12 hours. The above pictures shows the exhaust fan that we went with. The old one worked but sounded like the bearings were on the way out. Since the bathroom is relatively large (compared to the other two bathrooms in this house), the lighting just wasn't enough to brighten up the room especially when you were in the shower. So I got an exhaust fan that had a light. If you recall, the original glass in the box was broke so I called up the manufacturer and they sent one in the mail. It arrived within four or five days and was undamaged. I hooked it up and everything worked... except the feature labeled as a nightlight. I assumed when I got the thing that it was permanently wired into power. It wasn't and required a separate switch so that in all the unit needed three different switches. I think eventually I will just wire the nightlight to the main light switch so that all lights come on together and go off together but that will be a later day because in order to do that, I have to remove the light unit, remove the fan unit, remove the wire cover and then put everything back together. I just don't have the inclination to do that right now for no real gain other than to burn a couple more watts of energy per hour.

This picture shows the completed vanity with the new hinges on the doors just like what we used in the kitchen. Having white cabinets instead of dark stained wood certainly lightens up a room. Also in the mirror you can see the doors which I was able to get sanded and repainted. I can now sleep better.

I'm not sure I've shown a completed picture of the guest bedroom but here it is. I really didn't do much besides repaint the room and of course the entire popcorn ceiling removal that I blogged about earlier. My wife did all the decorating so you can blame or congratulate her on that. The laminate flooring is the cheapest of cheap and is delaminating on all the edges and corners of every board. I suspect there is a moisture problem coming through the concrete. For now though, it will stay as it is until I fry some bigger fish.

Finally for some perspective, I have attached a few pictures at the end of what it all looked like the day the realtor was showing us the house.


Bone said...

Good to know I'll have a nice, calming place to stay if ever I find myself in Iowa....


Anonymous said...

Looks good and all prepped for them too.

Ed said...

Bone - I'm sure my mother-in-law wouldn't mind the company.

Vince - Another check on my list. Many more to go.

TC said...

OMG. I want the paint colors you have. Seriously. Send me specs.