Friday, July 26, 2013

Crunch Time

With the paint barely dry on the guest bedroom and bathroom, we hopped into the car and picked up my mother-in-law and her two sisters from the airport. The two sisters are only here for 10 WHOLE WEEKS but the mother-in-law came on a ONE WAY TICKET! I'm not sure which is worse.

Actually I may not be able to tell you which of those two situations is worse but I can tell you what is worse than having three more women in your house for an extended stay... another four more people coming for a visit.

Shortly before we left for the airport, a cousin of my wife from the east coast called to say he would be there in a couple days for a four or five day visit with his wife and child. Shortly after we arrived home an uncle of my wife, the youngest brother of the three sisters from Texas said he would be dropping by for a weekend visit. So unless I messed up counting heads, we will have seven extra people staying with us for at least a couple days before the herd starts thinning down again. When it rains is pours.

Fortunately I have a plan for my sanity. Once Baby Abbey acclimatizes to the three sisters, I plan to spend a significant part of my day out in the garage, down in my temporary basement workbench or outside doing a whole list of projects that I want to get done while the getting is good. I just need to come in for sustenance now and then and to sleep. Fortunately for me, my bed is reserved and I have a private bathroom so I can get by in the evenings. Also with Filipinos, there is no shortage of cooks and their culture is one of step in and cook when you're hungry so I don't have to worry about meals during that time either.

Guests four through six arrive maybe late tonight and then we have a couple days before guest seven arrives. I'm pretty sure that my computer time will be fairly limited during this time so don't worry if I'm not around. I'll be able to get some space back and recover as much as humanly possible about this time next week.


sage said...

If you ever thought about starting a Bed and Breakfast, this should either confirm such a endeavor or cure you of the desire!

Ed said...

Sage - Oh I am cured. I was cured before they even got here.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.
Just remember while you wife will be delighted for a time. Soon sheer numbers will wear her down, plus the other hens in 'her' nest will seriously ruffle her feathers and she'll come to you. At this point you're on your own, I've no advise. Myself, I'd be tempted to have arranged an open invite from your Mon to come visit with the kids on the excuse that the wimmings need time on their own and get yourself the hell outa there. I'm not sure if that counts a cowardly or a strategic retreat. Anywoos, I cannot help but laugh a bit.

Leigh said...

Sounds like it's time for some extended outside projects. Also sounds like it's time you got a portable computing device!

Ed said...

Vince - I think I have more on the subject written in an upcoming post. It actually isn't as bad as it sounds because their culture is one where they are quick to jump in and help where needed so we put them to work.

Leigh - I have a laptop, a desktop and I suppose an ipad and iphone that can access the web. I sometimes have to fight for time on the laptop or when I find it unused, find that it isn't charged. The latter two devices I just don't like to use for web stuff. I guess I'm a large format kind of guy. In the end, I just shut myself in the office and use the desktop most of the time. But yes, extended outdoor projects are still the best!