Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baby Abbey Update

Where does time go? They always say that things are different with your second child and they certainly are right. With the first one, I had regular updates posted here on my blog of her life and how she was developing. With the second one, I look back and see that over a third of a year has passed since the last time I updated my blog about her. Now normally that wouldn't be too bad by most standards except that it constitutes half of her life so far.

The second time around, I am not so focused on trying to get everything right and am a lot more relaxed. As a result, I find that having a second child is a lot more fun. I don't sweat the small things anymore. It also helps that I get to spend a huge chunk of time watching her grow up and mature. None of this looking up and wondering where the last five years went for me on this one!

Baby Abbey is almost eight months old now and is on the verge of getting mobile. although she can't crawl, she can go from belly to back and back to belly at will. She has learned how to throw her body in the direction she wants to get further along and once on her belly, she can spin this way and that to achieve any fine tuning necessary. She also gets to hopping while in the sitting position and that results in a little forward momentum but not enough that I can't keep up with her. Although I like this stage where they start getting mobile, it also means that you can't just leave her anywhere anymore. Big sister found out the hard way by putting her sister on our bed a little too close to the edge. Baby Abbey nosed dived off the bed and found out her first lesson about gravity. Big sister was devastated but fortunately her ego was the only thing bruised in this episode.

Back when we had Little Abbey, we bought a few jars of baby food to have around for trips or emergencies but she never liked them, we didn't either when we tried them. So this time around with Baby Abbey, we didn't even bother. We just make up baby food out of whatever we have on hand. Years ago, an uncle of my wife gave us a Magic Bullet blender that he evidently bought off an infomercial and didn't like. We used it for a couple times and the switch burnt up. So I got a industrial type switch I had laying around, drilled a hole in the side of the mini blender, hot glued it in and wired it up. It has worked like a champ ever since. We simply throw whatever we are having in it and blend it up and serve to Baby Abbey. She loves the textures and tastes and always throws a fit if she can't have something we are having. In those cases, we give her some oatmeal mixed with the most available fruit or veggie and call it good. This ease in feeding combined with her primary food source in my wife's boobs makes it pretty easy to travel!

Because this isn't our first rodeo, Baby Abbey already has a room full of toys that were given to us by countless people and she is already bored with them all. Fortunately she is easily entertained and I mostly just have to look around for the nearest household object that is safe to be around a baby and throw it her way. I'm usually guaranteed twenty minutes of happiness from her. She really likes bubble wrap, any kind of electronic gadget, paper and kitchen paraphernalia. A wooden spoon or a pot lid is happiness to a baby.

Initially when we made the decision that it was now or never is we were going to have another kid, I was worried that big sister would be jealous and then soon bored of her little sister. Fortunately she absolutely adores her little sister and is a big help in taking care of her. She loves nothing better than to take her little sister with her to read a book to her while she plays or watch a cartoon on television. Her little sister just adores big sister. I can try everything I can think of to make Baby Abbey laugh because laughing babies are just addicting and not be successful. Little Abbey can just look at her funny from across the dining table and her baby sister will bust out in giggles. I hope that continues long after I'm no longer around.

Back when Little Abbey was in school and it was just me and Baby Abbey during the daytime, I still got  some work on the house done during nap times. However now that school is out, nap times are now spent dealing with Little Abbey. I've learned to adjust and now my work times are mostly in the evenings after the wife is home and can take over and weekends. I look at it now like I have a two day a week gig and five weekdays off. Can't beat that. But all that will hopefully changed when my mother-in-law and her two sisters arrive for an extended stay with us. After they recover from jet lag and are up and about, I'm going to have to spend more time elsewhere so I'm hoping they will take over some of the child care during the day allowing me to get some bigger projects done faster. More of that in another post.


kymber said...

thanks for the update on baby abbey. it sounds like you guys really have a "groove thing" going with this baby. i love the fact that you aren't feeding her baby food, but making your own - that's awesome!

your friend,

Ed said...

Kymber - I just have a hard time feeding my daughter something I can't stomach to eat myself!

Anonymous said...

Hard to credit the kid is near on a year old.