Friday, June 7, 2013


I think this is a Red Headed Woodpecker (Melanerpes erythrocephalus). He has been flying around our place the last couple weeks though I haven't heard him pecking on trees. Perhaps because all the nicely dead trees have been cut down, split and stacked. I've been trying to get a picture of him for awhile but the timing hasn't worked out. Either he is gone by the time I get my camera or he sits still when I am unable to get outside to photograph him. Finally though I got this picture of him one evening.

On another wildlife note, I saw the red fox again that I posted about on my blog last week. It was running across my neighbor's lawn across the street which gives me hope that it has a residence somewhere nearby. I just wish that fox ate small yipping dogs like the one my other neighbor has and lets wander around aimlessly in the evenings barking at nothing and everything.


sage said...

Great shot of the woodpecker on the cheery tree. Behind the house is a row of woods with some dead trees so we often see flickers and woodpeckers) but the power company did some cutting of the dead stuff lately so I wonder if that might change.

Ron said...

After last year's drought, there are quite a few more standing dead trees out in the woods. There were a couple of big pileated woodpeckers flitting around here the other day, but I haven't seen the smaller ones lately.

roaring40 said...

Lovely to see the wildlife so near the house. I find it sorta grounds me. Pretty garish isn't he(she ?). What keeps him safe from raptors.

Ed said...

Sage - Last year I had a woodpecker working on the house siding and living in a nearby dead tree. That tree was one that I cut down last fall and it seems like the woodpecker is leaving my house alone this year.

Ron - As many dead trees that are around my property, the woodpeckers should be living large.

Vince - I like seeing the wildlife too as long as we are all living in harmony. We don't have many birds of prey up here on the bluffs several miles from the river. Maybe the occasional owl at night but during the day, it is rare to see anything. I'm guessing the woodpecker lives a pretty stress free life.