Friday, June 21, 2013

One Third of the Mother-In-Law Suite

What you see above and below is the downstairs bathroom that comprised what I call the mother-in-law suite when she is here and the man cave when she isn't. The picture doesn't do it justice but it needs a lot of work and I got started on it with just four weeks before the mother-in-law arrives.

The following two pictures are what it looks like right now.

I removed two layers of linoleum from the floor, removed the vanity top and fixtures and patched numerous holes in the wall. Previous last fall I had pulled down the ceiling which had lots of water damage from a leaking sink upstairs and was covered in nasty mold. Scrolling back to the top pictures and you can see the beginnings of the damage back when we were touring the house with the realtor.

On deck is some sanding and painting the walls a less offensive color, tiling the floor, new vanity top and fixtures and new ceiling. All in four weeks or less while juggling a 7 month old. It is either than or sharing a bath upstairs with my mother-in-law!


Richard said...

Been there...done that. It's funny that bathrooms are small but take just as look to fix as large rooms.

One suggestion...shorten the ceiling fan exhaust hose so it's flat. That way moisture won't accumulate in low spots.
That will eliminate mold growth, odors, and possible leakage.

Ron said...

Bathrooms... the one room in the house where you sit and contemplate the floor tile, trim joints, drywall, etc... I really have to be in the right frame of mind to deal with all that finicky stuff.

But it's better to do that than to share the bathroom. :)

Ed said...

Richard - Yeah shortening that hose is definitely on the list. I have a new exhaust fan with a light that I'm planning on putting there along with wiring is with a separate switch so I just haven't done that yet until I get the new one where I want it.

Ron - The bathroom upstairs where I contemplate things got reworked soon after I moved in here because I couldn't stand all the flaws around me! I guess I don't mind the finicky stuff too much especially when I did the main stuff before hand. But when I am trying to do finicky stuff after a poorly done job on the big stuff, THAT I hate.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a comment earlier but it vanished someplace. Best of look on the work.

Anonymous said...

luck evev

Ed said...

Vince - The white tube you were referring to in your missing comment which I read before it disappeared, is to an exhaust fan which removes the hot steamy air while showering so that mold is less likely to develop. It also helps prevent the mirrors from steaming up as well.