Monday, May 20, 2013

This and That

After last week's posts about blues in dealing with service providers and one about dead trees, I thought I would let you know that not all service providers in my life are duds. I did recently hire an electrician to diagnose a problem with two outlets that I couldn't quite figure out. They had no power to them nor could I figure out how they ever had power to them yet I figured that nobody would build a house with outlets that didn't work. As it turned out, a previous occupant had cut the wire to them up in the attic and used it to power some additional light switches added after the fact. The remnants of the wire going to the outlets they conveniently poked down into the stud cavity and left. The electrician was able to route a new power wire through the stud cavity and get it working again. Most surprisingly to me after my recent experiences, he called me ten minutes before he had told me he would be there to say that he was running fifteen minutes late and wondered if I was okay with that. So refreshing.

Baby Abbey is growing so fast. Any day now she is going to roll over completely and thus will be the start of the hard-to-keep-corralled phase. Already she is showing a much different personality than her older sister Little Abbey. Baby Abbey seems to pay lots more attention to her surroundings and her head is always bobbing this way and that checking things out. She seems a little bit more easy going than her sister about things too. Although they look like two peas in a pod when comparing pictures of the same age, I'm positive that their personalities are going to be totally different.

My mother-in-law is in the process of interviewing for her permanent greencard so that she can come and go as she pleases here in the United States. This means that she will be spending lots more time living in the same house. So I keep beating down the feelings of looking forward to this thinking that it will allow me to get a lot more things done that I want to get done while she looks after a mobile Baby Abbey. I keep beating them down because hey, who wants to live with their mother-in-law for more than an afternoon at best! I think that perhaps long term cohabitation might be slightly better once I get her room finished in the basement. That way I can look forward to at least eight hours of mother-in-law-free time plus more if I count the periods of time I will most definitely spend out in the garage and outside during the day.

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Bone said...

Anytime I find a good service provider -- usually mechanic -- they have a customer for life. Or until they go out of business.