Friday, April 5, 2013

The Slowest Dining Experience In the World

A couple weeks ago we decided to get out of dodge for a week and spent some time elsewhere. Because we have a four month old baby that needs to tag along, we decided we really didn't want to go far so we toured a resort that was built out in the middle of nowhere some years back at taxpayer expense. It fit the bill for us and we had a good time, especially our eldest daughter who spent about four hours a night swimming in the swim park. I would alternate soaking in the hot tub and reading a good book so I was happy too.

One evening, we decided to look for food elsewhere in neighboring towns and stumbled across a little place called the Brick Road Brewery and Eatery. Actually we found a place called Fat Annie's first but upon opening the door and see it was home to a handful of drunk old men and smelled terrible, we turned and left. The Brick Road however seemed inviting and along with the bar, there were five tables along the back wall, two of them occupied. So we grabbed a seat in one of the empty ones and ordered some food.

Shortly after our waitress took our order, two more groups came in and sat at the remaining two tables. A third group wound up setting at the bar. It was then that I noticed that everyone seemed to be waiting for food. There were were three girls working the place. One running the bar, another the grill and the third was doing the waitressing and talking with the other two girls in-between.

About a half hour after we ordered, food was brought out to one of the tables that had been seated when we arrived. I thought perhaps the grill had been cold and things had to get heated up and now that they had, the food would be coming out at a faster pace. Alas that was not the case. Twenty minutes later, the second table that had been before us got their food just as the first table to get their food was paying their bill and heading out the door. Finally we got our food about twenty minutes later as the second group was paying up and heading out the door. Although I was disappointed about having to wait an hour and ten minutes to get the food, it was really good food.

Still it made me wonder why they even have five tables if the fastest they can get things off the grill was one table eating food at a time. By the time we left, there all the stables were still full of people waiting for their food. I'm guessing I was back finishing up my hot tub soak by the time all those people had finally paid and left.


Anonymous said...

With 5 tables it isn't so much a business as a hobby. You need at least 8x4 to get any return and that's with moving things at a decent clip. People wouldn't want to be lolling about over brandy beyond an hour either.
Where was this place. Have they a WWW.
Glad the food was good though. I guess this review would be of the feather spitting variety were it not.

Ed said...

Vince - If they want to do business with food, they have to be able to cook more than one order of food at a time. But then, this was in a pretty rural part of the state where life and service is more relaxed and the only advertisement is by word of mouth and definitely not online.

warren said...

I don't know why but it bugs the daylights out of me to wait too long to eat out. They have to run efficiently...if I wanted to wait I would eat at home ;-)

Anyhow, heehaw to the hot tub!