Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sally Rand

When I was at my great Uncle's funeral last fall, a young lady spoke at his eulogy about some conversations she had taped with him. After the funeral I talked to her a bit and it sounded like she had transcripts that she made from those conversations and she shared some of them especially about his war experience with her students. Due to her evidently busy schedule as a teacher, she is just now getting them sent to me and the first one had some interesting conversation. They were actually audio files so I had to transcribe them for what I used below in this post.

The young teacher was asking him questions about his musical interests when my uncle kind of went on a side tangent as follows below.

Keith: It was during the Depression and that was 1929 when the big Depression was. I always joked about the fact that my folks took me to see Sally Rand. Now Sally Rand was a stripper at the time but she didn't really strip. It looked like she was stripping. But she would dance with pans and she would dance with balloons and she would dance... but she actually as I understand it... she didn't actually take off her clothes. She wore skin tight...  Well people when they hear that they think why did your folks take you to see Sally Rand? They thought it was an evil influence but I was just fascinated by it.

I didn't know who Sally Rand was and had to Google her to find out more. Reading it Wikipedia entry it seems like she had many run ins with the law for her simulated nudity which went against the morals of the time. It seems kind of funny that my great grandfather and great grandmother would take their sons and go see a show of that caliber. Although I didn't see any pictures of her with pans, she is well known for her dance with feathers seen above and also with a giant balloon which is probably what my uncle was referring too.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting side to my uncle and great grandparent's life and thought I would share it here.


sage said...

I must have had a deprived childhood!

Ed said...

Sage - I guess I fall in the same boat too.

JaneofVirginia said...

I have heard the name, but I did not know who this was. Thank you for educating me.

Linda said...

I wondered if you knew who Sally Rand was when I saw the title of the post. Somehow, I have known about her forever. But, I am old. People thought I was terrible when I bought a ticket for my son who had just turned 12. I had to purchase the ticket and walk to the ticket taker and tell him my son could go in. My son refused to talk about the movie.

Linda said...

I thought I said I bought the ticket to see Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shield, NAKED.

Murf said...

Ed - Time to try for a boy so you can continue the tradition! :-)

Ed said...

Jane - I hadn't even heard of the name! I guess I led a sheltered childhood.

Linda - Sounds like your sun leads a more rounded life than I did. I was well into my teens before my parents would let me go see a movie by myself.

Murf - I think I have enough problems rearing two girls through life, I don't need to do so with a boy too.