Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It Was Right There All the Time

What you are looking at above is the gravestone for my 2nd great grandfather John Henry Baker. Now I've know it was there for over a half dozen years and I've visited it several times on my stop to Greenwood Cemetery where it is located in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of his father who may be a Baker and may be a Chicken, all of which I have blogged about many times in the past. So I have always known it was there since I found it and that isn't the reason for the title of this post.

I've been putting together a research journal of sorts by collecting all the information I have on this family in one convenient place. For some reason, though having it on a computer makes it organized, I find that I miss things when reviewing it. Like the saying goes, I get lost in the forest because of the trees. Case in point, I have repeatedly told the story of how my 2nd great grandfather's first wife (my 2nd great grandmother) died early in her life and was buried by her parents. John Henry then soon after married his nanny helping him with the children who gasp, had been married several times, once to a fellow and then to that fellow's father and then possibly a third time. It was even enough of a scandal to make the evening newspaper. My family claims that when John died, he was buried clear on the opposite side of the graveyard as his first wife because his former in-laws wouldn't allow him to be buried with their daughter.

All these years, he has been off by his lonesome, or so I thought until the other day when I ran across the picture below. I'm not sure why I took it showing the grave next to him but I suspect I recognized the last name and couldn't remember how I knew it so I took the picture to review later and find out. So it sat on my computer with thousands of other pictures lost in the forest. I ran across it again preparing my research journal and figured out who the name belonged too. It belonged to the husband of John Henry's older sister. Leslie Hedglin also died young in their marriage and by the time John Henry died eight years later, his older sister and Leslie Hedglin's former wife had remarried. I'm guessing she figured she didn't need the spot next to her first husband anymore and thus John Henry Baker found his home on the opposite side of the cemetery as his first wife. He isn't alone... if you count being next to your former-brother-in-law as company.

On a side note, both John's older sister and his second scandal making wife are also buried in the same cemetery next to their second and fifth husbands respectively.


sage said...

Good find!

Murf said...

They don't make headstones like that anymore. I wish they would. Much more interesting to look at.