Monday, March 4, 2013

The Blizzard That Sort of Was

After dissing the last blizzard, I thought I should provide an update post on the blizzard that his my part of the woods the following week. The weather forecasters told us the night before that it was for the most part going to miss us and maybe just give us a dusting of snow. It began the next morning and would snow continuously for the next 72 hours leaving behind about a foot of snow. Just goes to show that you are better off not planning for anything told to you by a weather guy.

It was a slow snow for sure and that is why it was only sort of a blizzard. Although it snowed continuously, there were times during the heat of the day when the temperatures were warm enough that the snow was melting as fast as it came down. In fact, when the snow stopped, the only place we had a foot of snow was on the shady part of our deck on the north side of the house. The rest of the areas only had about five or six inches of snow.

The entire time the roads were warm enough that there was no snow accumulation on them but the local school system has cancelled school three days in a row after dismissing the students early the day the storm started (two hours after school would have gotten out normally). On Friday when my oldest went back to school, it was snowing again and the roads were as slick as they had been all week? I'm surviving that experience of having both girls home during the week for the better part of a week though it was a struggle to get any meaningful work done. I have finished painting the kitchen cabinets and got things put back together so then I am calling that project done! Pictures are coming soon.

As I right this post, the snow finally stopped this morning and I cleaned the driveway and sidewalk for the second time of any snow. We are fortunate that my wife only works 4-1/2 days and today is her 1/2 day off so I may get in another round of sledding with the older daughter this afternoon. It may be our last chance for the year. Since the weather forecasters are calling for another blizzard tomorrow for our area, I'm sure this will be the last time this year.


Bone said...

I once had a (retired) weatherman tell me it was the only profession where you could be wrong 80% of the time and keep your job.

Ed said...

Bone - Weathermen and perhaps political pundits. Other than that, most people get fired well before they even reach the 50% mark.

warren said...

We are facing some snow tonight apparently...I am so ready for Spring. Even the threat of snow just sucks, mainly because I just hate being cold. I think we were really meant to hibernate!