Friday, March 8, 2013

The Big Kitchen Reveal

When I started this project, I certainly didn't think it would take this long to do. After all, I was just painting the cabinets. But space constraints played a bigger part than I had anticipated. There is only so much deconstruction and construction you can do in a working kitchen. As it were, I commandeered about half of the downstairs living room to turn it into an environmentally controlled paint station. Another big factor was that being a stay at home dad with a 3-1/2 month old does limit time spent on such project. I generally had a few hours a day that I could work on it in really fast spurts. But since I wasn't planning on going anywhere soon, I had the time to do a long project like that.

What you saw at the top was the before picture taken as we were looking at the house for the second time with the previous owner's stuff still in place. The next picture is the finished picture after my wife guided me in 'staging' the kitchen. All the normal debris like half loaves of bread, that squash ready to be cooked someday, the sink strainer for wet dishes, the reminders stuck on the refrigerator were all moved off to the side to give you the impression that our kitchen is out of the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. It isn't. I do love the way everything came out and it has a much brighter fresher appearance than it did before. Eventually we hope to redo the kitchen but this buys us several years or more before we will do that project.

Again this is how it looked with the former occupant's stuff in place. It was nice but the dark wood just gives it a dark cave like appearance, even during the middle of the day when the sunlight was shining in. Also, the dark colored wood doors with paneled centers just dated the entire kitchen back to when the cabinets were custom built in place as they were finishing up the inside of the house.

Below when you see the after picture, again I am just hit on how light and fresh the place feels again. I'm glad that I decided to tackle this project and it went so well, that I think I am going to paint the wood cabinetry in the bathrooms as well. Looking back, the best decision I made however was to really investigate the hardware. After measuring one of the old hinges and doing lots of research, I found a company that made a hinge that was a direct replacement for the old ones. They weren't the same company or style but all the hole patterns were the same. This meant that I had six fewer holes on the doors and four on the cabinet frames that I had to patch, sand and redrill. This was a huge time saver and allowed me to hang the doors without worrying about how true or aligned they were to each other. To save some money and because we also liked them, we chose to get our handles from the same company. We went from a pull knob at the base of the door to an actual handle on the side of the door so I had to patch and sand those holes and redrill new ones. Drilling the new holes wasn't hard but I struggled a bit to find a location that I felt worked for all the different sizes of doors throughout the kitchen so I could have some uniformity. I think it worked out.

Anyway, that is all for this project. I may see if I can get some sort of organizer slideout for our very tiny pantry sandwiched between the refrigerator and the doorway in the top two pictures. It is only about a foot wide but two and a half feet deep. Not very handy for finding what you need. The next room I am going to tackle is the hallway bathroom. Nothing too serious there besides a paint job and moving some accessories to different places.


Ron said...

Looks very nice. A coat of paint does wonders, especially when you do a good job of prep like you did.

Ed said...

Ron - Yeah as I aged and realized that it is better to do something right the first time versus hurry through it and repeat years later, I'm a lot better at doing prep work.

Murf said...

I see something else you can do for fun: redo that backsplash. ;-) Otherwise, it looks nice! Where do you guys eat since you don't have a cute little table there like the previous owners did?

Ed said...

Murf - Dang it! You've been talking to my wife.

In the bottom picture looking back at the hutch, the dining room is to the right. We do have a table inbetween the kitchen and the hutch but it is kind of a catch-all table most days and we drug it to the side to take the picture.

edifice rex said...

That looks so great! It really does so much to brighten and cheer it up.

roaring40 said...

I like that you've lightened the place.
Me, I'm not fond of the counter, anyplace. I prefer it open. And I also like my legs under. But that's me.
Looks very good.

Ed said...

Edifice Rex - Thanks. I can't wait to see yours when it is done!

Vince - I don't like the countertop either. It is discolored in places where previous occupants have set hot pans on it and it shows every spec of dirt on it. Perhaps someday if we make the decision to sell our house before we redo the kitchen completely, I may get a stone one put on along with a new sink to help the resale value.

malor said...

You did a great job. I am inspired to paint my kitchen cabinets.

woodysrockyridge said...

Awesome job! The cutting board jumps off the screen too.