Friday, February 22, 2013


I haven't any pictures to show you so you have to take my word but I am making progress on the kitchen project. By the time you read this post, I should have the last of the cabinet doors painted, hardware installed and themselves installed on the cabinets. The last four drawers should be painted and ready for the last of the hardware to be installed on them. In fact, the only thing remaining should be to put a couple more coats of paint on the panel that sides our double wall ovens and holds our landline telephone, key hooks and a whiteboard to keep track of our lives. Once I get it all done, I promise I will do a photo spread of before and after photos and post on here.

My next project which I am already planning is to refresh our main bathroom in the hallway. It has a nice tile floor and the shower is in good shape so I plan on doing mostly cosmetic stuff. Unfortunately the paint my wife picked out is lighter in color than the current wall paint which is slopped on the ceiling in a few places so I will have to paint the ceiling, something I haven't had to do in all the other rooms on the main floor. I need to move some bathroom hardware around to better places and do some repair spackling before painting but that is easy enough. Probably the most time consuming thing is that because the kitchen project turned out so well, I am probably going to paint the natural wood vanity and medicine cabinet on the wall in the same creamy white that we did the kitchen and put new hardware on them. It just makes things more modern looking and lightens up the room.

The project after that will probably be to do much the same things to the other upstairs bathroom which will mean I have been completely through the entire upstairs. After that, I have many long lists of things I would like to do downstairs but one of the first will probably be to build some custom bookshelves to house my collection of literature and get all those last boxes off the floor and free up more space. Probably the biggest reason to do this project sooner rather than later is that I have lots of unread books packed away that I can't easily get too. I have bought a few books to keep me entertained over the last couple months because it seemed easier than digging out all the books, finding one and then putting them back only to do it all again once I finish the book. I've also resorted to reading a few books that weren't high on my list to read simply because they were 'on top'.

On a related note, my mother-in-law was recently approved for a green card pending one last interview at the Manila embassy. That means once she retires at the end of June, she will more than likely headed here for an extended stay. That means that by necessity, I will be spending a lot more time working on projects while she looks after Baby Abbey. I'll make sure I have a nice long list written down before that happens!


Murf said...

An extended MIL stay?!? Yeah, you definitely will be hiding out in your workshop. :-)

Any pearls of wisdom on installing knobs on kitchen cabinets? I thought I saw on This Old House once that there is a device that helps you get the hole in the right location. We currently have no knobs or pulls so I sometimes think about installing some.

Ed said...

Murf - I will tell you my secret for getting the holes in the right location. I use a small steel rule and a pencil and take my time. I haven't had any problems with crooked hardware. ;)