Friday, February 1, 2013

Feeding Cracker

This is a picture of my great grandmother whom my oldest shares her middle name with. Although I was technically around to know a few of my great grandparents, I only have memories of two, the most vivid being with this one since she lived until I was 15 years old. The only other great grandparent I have memories of was her husband, a man whom I have blogged about many times in the archives of my blog, a man who died when I was 12 years old and now my youngest daughter shares her middle name with a feminized version of his name.

The last few years as I have spent time with my grandparents, I have asked them lots of questions about my great grandparents and learned more about them. One of the things that I learned was that later in life, they were caretakers (or perhaps owners) of a log cabin resort somewhere up in Canada. I think their clients were mostly people coming up to fish and get away from it all for a week or so. In my great uncle's possession, were many photographs of the resort and the log cabins and they are neat to look at. Several even show an Indian who must have worked for them as a guide and was called Indian Bill on the back of the photos.

This picture I presume was taken in 1963 shows my great grandmother feeding a fat rodent named Cracker according to the writing on the back. I'm not sure what type of animal Cracker was but on some of the other pictures, Cracker looks kind of like an obese squirrel. As many pictures as my uncle had of my great grandmother feeding it, I don't doubt that it might have been obese!

My grandparents are vague as to where the resort was or even the name. Some of the pictures have clues including references to what might have been the name of the resort. I have done some googling of that name trying to locate it but haven't been successful. Someday though, I would love to discover where it existed and  make a visit there to perhaps spend a week living in the footsteps of my ancestors.

[After seeing this post up this morning, I did some more researching and was able to find the camp and their website. Seems like a nice place though a lot has changed since my great grandparents stay according to the pictures I have. See for yourself at Tall Pines Camp. Back in the day, it was called Ballard's Tall Pines Camp which is why I had trouble finding it the first time.]


sage said...

Neat photo and now you know where it is, you should plan a vacation! It looks like a nice place.

Rich said...

Are you sure that isn't an albino groundhog?

Vince said...

I thought it was a fake, a stuffed Hamster. It wasn't until I read Rich's input that I thought it might be an animal at all.
I've never been able to take the Groundhog seriously since that film with Andi McDowell & Bill Murray.

Ed said...

Sage - It is on my bucket list now!

Rich - You know, that is a good guess. It is just too big to be a squirrel.

Vince - My distrust of groundhog day began a lot earlier than that movie. For me, when March rolls around, I know I'm going to make it through another winter no matter what a rodent sees.

kymber said...

Ed - that is awesome that your g.granparents an the looks like a super resort now. but i love the rustic-ness of the pic of your grandma feeding the dog??? small pony??? there is no way that it is a groundhog!!! is there?

your friend,