Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kervansaray Night Club

Among the pictures in the box, I stumbled across this photo of my great uncle sitting in a nightclub in Turkey with a belly dancer. Noted on the back of the picture my uncle had written that they preferred to be called exotic dancers instead of belly dancers. I'm not sure whom he wrote that message for. Although my uncle was married for a brief period of time before becoming a widower, this picture just seems so out of character for him. He seems like a regular man. It makes me smile.

This picture brought back a lot of memories of my uncle that I had forgotten. I remember him taking several trips overseas over the years and telling us of some of the places he had been too. Unfortunately at the time I was in my youth and didn't care about such things. Now I see pictures of belly dancers in Turkey and camels in Egypt and I wish he were here still for me to listen to his stories again.

I think most of the trips he went on were total package trips through his church. My uncle had absolutely no common sense (at least in the part of his life that I knew him) and wouldn't have been able of planning and going on a trip to a foreign country. He also spent his meager pensions on his hoarding so didn't have a lot of money. I'm sure with his church group, probably seen around him in the photo, they lovingly kept him on a leash, guided him around and made sure he stuck to a strict budget.


JaneofVirginia said...

I am glad he got a chance to experience such things. I too wish I could recall all of the stories of those who went before me.

Vince said...

Do you mind me asking how solid is the evidence of his scattiness.
I had a gran aunt who in teh general opinion of the rest of the family was a total flake. She had a bowel cancer and couldn't eat for the six weeks before she died. In those weeks I stayed in a camp bed beside her bed in case she needed anything. Mostly what she needed was someone to listen. I heard about her youth as a gunrunner and message carrier under the eyes of the British army during out war of independence. Which none in the family knew about mostly because it wasn't spoken about by that generation.

Ed said...

Jane - If only someone would invent the genealogy time machine!

Vince - I don't mind. My Uncle had mental problems after the death of his wife that even resulted in several nervous breakdowns and electroshock therapy common back in the day. After that, he never was the same according to my mom and grandparents. He became a hoarder straight out of the television show on cable of the same name and though lucid in all aspects of life, just lacked common sense. I could sit there and talk with him about many subjects and yet he couldn't explain why he couldn't throw the tinfoil bowl that his church provided meal came in into the trash when he finished. It was a sad mystery to me. I have written numerous blog posts on those things over the years probably before we met online, and you can probably find them by searching my blog for the word 'uncle.'

edifice rex said...

I have a close, elderly friend that is much like your uncle. Very, very sharp about a lot of things but an extreme hoarder and totally lacking in any business common sense even though he insists on running a little home business. He loses money horribly because his hoarding compulsions interfere with his business, but you can't make him understand that. I often wonder if something traumatic happened in his early life that caused this behavior, which, in my reading about hoarding, often seems to be the case. Fred won't talk about stuff like that though, so I can only guess.
I'm glad your uncle got to travel some though and looks like he had some very cool adventures!

Ed said...

Edifice Rex - I imagine there are lots of people out there that are similar. But because they are essentially functional in public, the public just never knows until after they are gone.

I do know that ever since I saw my uncle's house in person, I've never been able to watch the show Hoarders. It just makes me sick to my stomach.

sage said...

Great photo, and he is smiling! But so are the other women in the group so I'm sure nothing too risque happened.

I hope Vince writes about his aunt!

Murf said...

Judging from that look on his face, you might have a great cousin in Turkey! :-)

warren said...

That's sort of...awesome! I always had a hard time thinking of my grandparents as ever being young people doing wild-ish young people things. I love pics like yours for that very reason!

Ed said...

Sage - Women from his church no less!

Murf - I highly doubt it but if I do, hopefully they will recognize their mother in the picture and invite me to their country.

Warren - That is a great point. It is hard to think of my parents going to an exotic dancing joint much less grandparents or a great uncle!