Friday, January 4, 2013

A Little Excitement

Back before we left for the beaches of the Gulf, there was this blizzard that blew through the midwest and made lots of news, especially when it got out East. We didn't get a lot of snow but we did get a lot of high winds which made me glad that the last of our dead trees had been removed just three days prior. All in all, the remaining trees did remarkably well and we just lost a few limbs and one small tree way down at the bottom of the hill. It was only six inches in diameter but 60 feet high and nary a limb until you got to the last 10 feet or so. I haven't been down to inspect the damage but I suspect there was some trunk defect where it broke.

While it was going on, I was sitting in my easy chair enjoying the warmth of shelter when I heard a loud boom like a canon being shot off directly behind my house. Of course the electricity went out immediately. Then it started coming back on when another boom but the kabosh on it. This repeated four more times, enough time for me to almost make it to the window to see who was shooting off a canon in a snow storm when the noise stopped and the electricity stayed off for good.

It didn't take too long to see what happened as you can tell in the pictures below. The neighbor across the highway from our property had spent all fall thinning out his trees next to the highway but one of the largest specimens he had left intact had fallen down onto the electrical wires. The weight of the tree pulled the wire snapping off several post up the hill. The wires never broke but did short out and thus the canon like booms I heard. We were without electricity for half a day before they got everything fixed. While I enjoyed the quite time reading by candlelight, it did reinforce my desire to get the fireplace functional so that I do have a separate source of heat.

Neighbor's Tree Across the Highway From Us
Broken Poles Up the Hill
As a bonus for my entertainment I guess, in the midst of the storm before we lost power, a car ended up in our yard. Well technically it is the city right-a-way but since I have to maintain it, I consider it mine. The car was fortunate that it still had the rear wheel up on the side of the road. If it had continued, it could have gone another twenty-five feet or so to the bottom of the ditch and perhaps struck a tree. By the time I saw the accident, the cop was already there so I didn't go outside in the weather to offer any assistance.


Ron said...

We had a lot of wind here, too, and it made me glad that we don't have as many trees next to buildings anymore.

Around here, the electric lines are very vulnerable to ice storms, so I happily deal with the chores related to having a wood stove.

sage said...

Sounds like you needed that beach break! I hope you had a great time and will have a wonderful 2013

malor said...
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malor said...

I love your photos. esp. the last one. Little excitement alright. We are not used to snow storm anymore. My car lost control too after the storm.

Ed said...

Ron - We are in the same boat here. Hopefully next year I won't be so vunerable to a lack of electricity.

Sage - I did have a great time down south and I'm looking forward to what this year might bring.

Malor - Driving on slick roads is definitely something that takes practice. The best way to learn is to find a rear wheel drive car with an emergency brake and a large parking empty parking lot. Have someone beside you randomly pull the brake so you can practice controlling the skid. That is how I learned.

Murf said...

All that and only without power for half a day?!? Around here, that would be at least 3 days without it.

Bone said...

I was once involved in a car-ending-up-in-someone's-yard incident, but those records are sealed.

How'd you enjoy your trip South? Hope you had good weather.