Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Celebrating Obama's Victory With Bangladeshi Food

This past weekend, my wife and I were invited over to some acquaintances of ours who live down the street a ways. They are originally from Bangladesh and promised us that there would be plenty of authentic Bangladeshi food on hand. I was game. It was only after we had been there for awhile that we learned that it was actually a celebration party on Obama's victory. Though I would have preferred that he not be elected another four years, he did win and did deserve due credit so I joined in on the party.

Most of the people there were from Bangladesh and perhaps a few from India. My wife being a native of the Philippines made me pretty much the token Caucasian guy for most of the party. But food knows no boundaries and so I dug right in with everyone else.

When put in an opportunity to eat authentic regional food that I don't get everyday, I opted for the try a little bit of everything strategy. There were several types of fried things ranging from the sweet to the spicy. There was chicken, curried and roasted, lamb, goat, beef and perhaps even another dish of chicken. There was a spicy salad, some sort of sweetened flour and milk balls, some sort of gelatin like desert and puffy pastries. I tried a little bit of each and I must say, it was all very good. I think it was the beef that was a bit salty more like corned beef but still it was wonderfully tender. Best of all, rice from that region of the world is unlike rice found anywhere else. It is very granular in nature and not clumpy like east Asian rice and is spiced up.

We ate and tried talking though with at least three different languages floating around, it was hard to decipher at time. All the people from Bangladesh were dressed up in traditional attire so it was interesting to do some people watch when I found myself surrounded in a non-English conversation. All in all it was a good party and though I didn't come out on top this election, I can think of few better ways to celebrate a victory of the majority. May the next four years be much better than the last!


Vince said...

Diabetes became a big issue a while back on the sub-Continent. They developed a group of seed varieties with a lower than average starch content. This makes the Basmati a vary popular seed. It holds well and doesn't go to mush and a kettle of boiling water will reheat.

Ed said...

Vince - ... and very tasty too!

sage said...

Good thing you didn't know about the purpose and was able to make the best out of the party.

Vince, I didn't realize that about Basmati rice and diabetes, but we generally buy basmati rice from north india in 10 pound bags and love it--and we've been doing this ever since I had a colleague from India who introduced me to it. Do you have any sources I can learn more about the development of such rice?

geri said...

Ed, maybe you should introduce me to your Bangladeshi friends =) From what your describe, I had a hard time not thinking about the Indian buffet resto that we used to go before right down to the desserts. I am there with you on your wish!

Ron said...

That sounds like a great time. It would be a lot of fun to try all those different foods.

Ed said...

Sage - I'm glad I went because I would have missed out on a lot of good food. Also, other than one lady with perhaps too much wine in her, everyone was polite and very little was said about politics.

Geri - I thought you would see the humor in this after our discussion on your blog. They had a group of women who referred to themselves as Obama's Mamas who all worked on Obama's local election office. They all were really burnt out from all the work so I can respect how much effort they put in to get their candidate re-elected.

Ron - That certainly was the best part of the party. Due to the language barrier, the conversation really wasn't very entertaining.

warren said...

Good for you! So many people are *still* fussing about Obama's victory and all of the secessionist nonsense makes me mad. He won fair and square and we are all going to be ok (or else we aren't but either has less to do with whoever is President and more with other things). So good for you to move on and celebrate new friends!