Monday, October 1, 2012


Back when our daughter was growing up through the baby cloths and mountain of stuff one 'needs' to raise a baby in today's modern age, we kept packing it away in boxes for our next one. Some of it was new but a lot of it was stuff that we had bought at garage sales over the years. Regardless, there was no sense in getting rid of it only to have to go find it again.

Suddenly nearly six years slipped by before we had another baby. A lot of that reason was that for the first couple years we simply weren't ready. Having a baby in diapers that takes a lot of care and time and neither of us felt we could do that times two and still hold onto our jobs. After the first couple years, my wife's career was changing and with the uncertainty, of it made us hold off for the next three years while she applied and then got most of the way through her residency. By that time, we were both getting on in our years and were in the land of higher risk pregnancy according to medical doctors so we decided it was now or never and well... we were blessed with another child slated to arrive in ten weeks.

During the first pregnancy when we neared the end, my wife began to nest. Lots of focus began to be on finding those 'necessary' things for raising a baby. At that time, I was just starting the process of revamping an old bedroom turning it into a nursery so I got a lot of pressure to get the project done. Flash forward to this time around and due to my fortunate change of career, I have had the nursery done for a couple weeks now and it has been just sitting there waiting. This weekend, the nesting instinct kicked in and at my wife's command, I dutifully started carrying up all the boxes from the basement of baby stuff that we have hung onto for the last five years so my wife could nest.

Unlike nesting rabbits which blogger Ron is learning about right now, women nest by sorting through baby clothes, supplies, etc. and arranging them in the room to create the perfect nursery. I think if it were up to us guys, we would just stop by the drugstore on the way back from the hospital to pick up a few things with the baby in tow so if necessary we could try on a diaper or two to know the exact size. Probably we are fortunate that it isn't just us doing things.

On a side but related note, when I went to set up the old crib for the nursery, I couldn't find some of the hardware needed to set it up. I specifically remember untaping it from the crib rails and putting it someplace safe so that it wouldn't fall off during the move and I have yet to discover where. In the process of trying to find out what hardware was needed, I discovered that the crib was under recall. I didn't have the recent after all this time but fortunately (and unfortunately at the time) it was from Walmart and they don't seem to care. So for the first time since I moved to this town, I loaded up the parts of the crib that I did have and returned it at Walmart. Unfortunately they had to give me store credit so to use that up, I bought a cart full of potting soil but not before getting into an altercation with a lady whose cart was left in the middle of a narrow aisle. I hope that is the last time I go into Walmart as long as I live. Instead, I walked out and went to a store that sold better quality stuff and bought another crib.

Back to nesting, I suppose we males have our own version of it. I spent a restless night thinking of all the things I wanted to get done before the baby arrived. I want to get the broken spigot on the south side of the house fixed which means tearing a hole in the side of the house and replacing a bunch of siding. There are a dozen or so trees that are dead that I want to cut up for firewood and just so I can do it on my terms and not when they decide to fall down. I also have some ceilings in the basement that I want to remove due to the likely possibility they have black mold on the back side from past plumbing leaks that the previous owners didn't think to correct and which I have gotten fixed. Yes indeed, it will be a busy ten weeks of nesting.


geri said...

You are nesting, while the other week I spent a day going through Evan's old clothes the good ones were either to salvation army or to a balikbayan box for my nephew in the Philippines. The ones that were hard to get rid of were Evan's tattered everyday clothes that just reminded me of my everyday companion, in his littler body just over a year ago. They weren't worth much but was heart-wrenching to put into trash. I kept some of them. As one mom advised, "just let go of those gently, when you are ready." =) Happy nesting!

Ron said...

At least she isn't running around with straw in her mouth. :)

Having a baby, for humans, can definitely affect the guys too. I found myself obsessing about all sorts of things that were pretty much irrelevant, but gave me something to do with my nervous anticipation.

Ed said...

Geri - Fortunately we haven't been in that position yet but it is coming up soon. I don't expect there will be another child in our future which means we will be cleaning out everything as we finish using it.

Ron - I definitely deal with nesting in my way too. Fortunately my symptoms don't start yet for another month or so.

Vince said...

Not a clue. I know more about nuclear fission-v-fusion.

Ed said...

Vince - I didn't either. I think it is natural instinct born with us... most of us anyway.

Vince said...

What instinct is that then. Stay the heck out of the way while the women get on with it. :-D